Katsumi silently took the bag back. He didn’t know what to say next so he just nodded. After a few moments of silence, he looked at Chadwick confused. “I guess this is goodnight.” Katsumi moving off of Chadwick’s bed and on to his own. The soft sound of Japanese instruments began to play. It was time to try and fall asleep. He just wanted to move on from this day.

Autumn stopped singing and turned to look at Carson. As of yet, she had not found him very amusing. “I suppose for you it is new and exciting.” She stood up. “You are right though. I should of chose a different courtyard.” She walked swiftly past him and back towards the dungeons. Autumn almost being back to the dorm when she found herself pulled into the wall. In front of her stood a messily dressed Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor. He seemed to be both annoyed and unsatisfied look. The stench of what he had just done and who he had just done making her nose wrinkle. Something the Professor did not miss. “Is the smell of pleasure too much for you little birdie?” Autumn rolled her eyes at the lewd dog. “The stench of dog is too much for me.” Professor Dimitrov’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not a dog.” Autumn looked around the room. “A mess all over, destroyed furniture, a smell…some hair in the room. Certainly, you are a dog.” He growled at her. “I am less apt to watch out for your precious Katsumi. Do remember that.” She perked a brow at him. “Is that why you dragged me in here?” He shook his head no. “A Gaunt returning to this school is a chaotic problem. I can’t have chaos at the moment.” She looked at him with no expression. “As I am a Prince there is no need for concern then.” Dimitrov did not seem to like that answer. “Stay out of trouble, Gaunt.” She turned away from him and towards the door to his office. “Stay out of my business, dog.” Dimitrov growling as she left his office. He returned to his desk annoyed. Parchment appearing in front of him. The first letter addressed to his brother.

It seems it was right for me to come. The Gaunts have arrived in Hogwarts castle. I wonder what they have planned.

A second letter was being written.


Your daughter’s presence has become a matter of concern already. Do remind your daughter that she is not protected in this area of the world. Please pass on the sentiment to the Abe Clan.

Professor of Dark Arts,

Illych and Pyotr returned triumphantly to their dorm room. It had been a successful night. Illych had even had to manage wading through a crowd of swarming girls. However, Pyotr and waded through better since his interest in Adeline had mande him forget the enjoyment of attention from beautiful girls. Pyotr turned to his brother. “So, have you paid off your debt?” Illych nodded. “Of course. You may seek the attention of a Bellchant, but I do not.” Pyotr flopped down on his bed. “These rooms are much fancier then ours at Durmstrung.” Illych slipping into his own bed. “I find the bigger problem their choice in color. Pyotr sighing. “Colors.” Illych nodded his head. “They lack stability.” His brother yawning. “They lack ability and fortitude.” Illych smiling. “That can always be beaten into someone.” The two heading off to bed.

Adeline had slipped away with her followers somewhere in the middle of the get together. Eloise electing to return back with Chigaru. The two seemed in agreement to ignore Amara’s complaint. As they walked through the dungeon, Chigaru spoke up first. “Was your meddling successful?” Eloise shrugged. “It was successful enough.” He nodded his head silently. Eloise sighing. “If only Adeline wasn’t forcing me to be patient.” He shrugged. “It is the smarter play.” She frowned as they reached the entrance to their common room. “Yes, but smart can be so boring.”


Evil Woman – Black Sabbath

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