72 : NO

Wells nodded her head. “That is fine.” She silently followed him to his room to put the instrument away. When he was done she gestured to the path outside of the academy. “The restaurant is this way.” She adjusted the loose tunic like clothing to appear slightly more natural before stopping in front of what looked like a hole-in-the-wall. A cheesy name in half working neon lights. Wells held the door open for him. The faint smell of cigar wafting in the air. “After you.” She followed behind him down the dark corridor. When they turned the corner into the jazz bar restaurant she finally smiled. The band she was accustomed to was playing their early songs on the tiny stage. The bar tenders she was used to were polishing old copper mugs. Men and women of eclectic tastes sat at booths and tables lit by candlelight. Wells gestured to the boss and guided him towards a booth. “This is the quietest seat.” Her attention turned to the musicians and she closed her eyes. A small hum came from her lips till a server appeared. He was a handsome Terran man in a tuxedo vest and black pants. “Would you like the usual?” She nodded. “Get my guest some water and a salad with no fish.” He looked at her confused for a moment but nodded and walked off. She didn’t take her eyes off the band the entire time. “My father used to say that Jazz was the city itself.” Wells looked at the old players gently. “If the city is always changing why does it never change I wonder.” Her eyes closed again. The next song was a collection of blues. With her eyes still closed she pulled out a data pad and moved it over to Tarique. “I am under the assumption you did not get the data on Rao’s project. It was released today if you would like an answer” Her eyes opening to type a quick message on her wrist band. Wells looking up to see a glass of whiskey put down in front of her and a spicy lobster dish. Tarique was given his food as well.

The two boys turned around. Sunsan growing more irritated with mumbles about the situation. When they were told they could turn around the two men had very different reactions. Marcus looked at them smiling. The two were a vision in his eyes. Sunsan looked like he had just witnessed a distasteful horror scene. “No. Absolutely not. There is no way I’m allowing that into the event.” He looked up at Marcus. “This is why I say you have awful tastes. To think this is tasteful for the event!” Marcus just pat his shoulder. “Breathe. There is nothing wrong with the dresses. Not everything is going to be Romulan attire. No one expects non-Romulans to wear Romulan attire.” Sunsan pointed at the two girls. “No. You just expect the entire Romulan embassy to be okay with them showing their body at a formal event.” Marcus sighed. “There have been much more revealing dresses worn by other party guests before.” Sunsan looked like he was about to turn into a living volcano. “Those are the Ambassadors! Their wives! Important guests nothing can be said about! Not two cadets coming under my name!” Marcus’s expression changed to irritation. “Sunsan. Stop being rude or I will not go either.” He looked at Marcus stunned. “You would not go…” Marcus walked over to Rao and picked her up in a princess carry. “Of course, I wouldn’t. I can put up with some of your comments about my beautiful girlfriend, but if it gets too much I’d rather stay with her.” Marcus started to give her light kisses. “Besides, seeing her in this dress makes me want to peel it off of her for different reasons.” Sunsan looked at him in horror. “That’s it! I refuse to leave my room ever again for you to copulate with this female.” Marcus looked at him annoyed. “Then find somewhere to hide in the room and deal with the noise.” Sunsan took a step back. He looked at the three of them like they were all monsters. “Marcus!” Pulling Rao tightly against him, so she couldn’t escape he glared at Sunsan. “Apologize to the ladies now and fix you attitude before we go to the cinema.” Sunsan griped his hands together tightly. “I will not apologize for my thoughts on their attire! However, if you will ONLY GO by bringing them and allowing them to embarrass themselves then I WILL NOT SAY ANYMORE ON THEIR ATTIRE.” Sunsan taking a deep breath. “As for this cinema night, I go only because if you approved of these dresses then there is no way you even hinted at appropriate etiquette.” He narrowed his eyes at Marcus. “Clearly you are not to be trusted in this matter anymore, so.” Sunsan reached forward and pulled Zletka into him. “I will educate this one, so she ensures your female does not step out of line.” He looked down at her and shook his head. It did not matter that she looked quite becoming and attractive in the dress. It simply was too revealing for the average partygoer. It was a shame she would probably be judged poorly by wearing such an attractive outfit at the wrong occasion. “Change out of that.” Marcus sighed and leaned down to whisper in Rao’s ears. “That’s his version of I’ll apologize soon and do what you want.” Marcus kissing her a few more times before putting her down. “Everything is fine now. He got his lid blown.” He walked away from her and pulled Sunsan towards him. “Come. The girls should have privacy in their own rooms.” Marcus pulling him to wait outside. When the girls came out he offered his hand to Rao. “My girlfriend, shall we link hands and head to see the movie now?”

A tires looking male orion entered the back door of a shop . IN front of him stood an impatient Ferengi. “So?” He sat down tiredly and explained. “I saw Etes meeting with a member of the party being sent to talk with the Klingons.” Grip looked interested. “Was he now…” The orion male nodded. “He was also noticed around the edge of the Academy. It seemed his eyes were on the Romulan Sunsan.” Grip couldn’t help but crack up laughing. “As usual the boy runs around desperately. He is always such a good customer.” A ding going off on his wristband. Grip looking down at the information smiling. “Go and send a message to him that we have received the information he was looking for tonight.” The orion looked at him surprised. “Are you sure?” The ferengi looked at him annoyed “I pay you to do labor, not ask questions. GO.” The orion male nodded and left the building. Grip walking back to his office. Bags of money were sitting on his desk to be sorted and counted. A large laugh coming from him. “This planet make such good business.”





Stolen Romulan Cloaking Device

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