74: Data

Wells sighed. To her the data was just means. Nothing about it mattered to her. “A completion of a task is all it ever was.” Her eyes watching the way the old hands managed to move the buttons up and down on the instruments. “ I never assumed you would enjoy it. Although, it is rhythmic it does not seem to jump at as appealing to Vulcans. Maybe Jazz has even more merit then I had assumed.” Wells looking away from the stage to start eating her own food. “This food isn’t meant to be graceful.” She pulled the head off one of the crawfish and sucked the meat out. A smile appearing briefly on her face. Authentic crawfish boil with real hot was hard to find in these parts. “My apologies for the unpleasant display earlier. Most of the Federation Admirals related to the academy are respectful. A few are remnants of the earlier era of political connections and distasteful behaviors. Those of us with perceived abilities to manage them seem to always be stuck doing so. The evening was intended for you to simply play and leave with no hassle.” She enjoyed another crawfish before continuing. “A proper apology is expected on my part. Your friend Cadet Rao has been put on a watch list. A black market associate of mine has started to push an inquiry into which cadet found the changes. It was probably an Admiral similar to the one you met today who let it slip while indulging in his bad habits that a cadet was the person to discover it. Quite a few tend to go to the Orion establishments. The Romulans in particular seem to be pressing their monetary strength. If both the Admirals are fighting keeping her name under wraps and the black market is actively trying to see who it was and who is involved with it you may find yourself in the cross fires of a nasty situation.” She sighed to herself. “The Romulan Embassy is having an event this Wednesday. The Vulcans have not been invited to attend even though a large majority of Ambassadors have.” The waiter approached with a refill of her scotch. Wells smiled at him. When he left she took a sip of her drink. “How odd.”

Sunsan looked down at his wristband when he was outside the room with Marcus. A smile appearing on his face. Marcus looking at him confused. “Why are you suddenly smiling?” Sunsan show him the data. Marcus nodded his head. “My Rao is quite capable. Isn’t it time you admit it.” He rolled his eyes. “It was Wells who acquired the new data and more.” Marcus did his best to hold back his snicker. His friend was in such denial. He watched Sunsan send the data off. “Scoring good favor with father.” Sunsan nodded his head. “Crushing that lowly Etes into the hole he belongs in.” The two ending the conversation when the girl reappeared. Sunsan looked at the two up and down. At least if he was being forced on his date he had the better girl.

Sunsan had been busy explain the etiquette of Romulan hierarchy to Zletka when he saw the two idiots in front of him stop walking. Some strange little girl ran up to her calling her mama. Sunssan looked at Marcus annoyed. Surely, this would be enough to convince the dog that he had chosen the worst candidate to copulate with as a mate. Not only was she undistinguished, had no use, but she was already a mother to another man’s child. I MEAN SURELY, MARCUS…. Marcus, however, watched the entire scene with a heart warming smile. When the girl left, he bent down to give a kis son the cheek. “I have found another thing to love about you.” More kisses occurred. “Surely, you will be just as tender to our possible child.” He looked at her with that soft smile. “Would you like to switch movies to the new Beasts?” Sunsan shook his head no. “NO WE ARE NOT SWITCHING.” Marcus smiled at him smugly. “Sunsan, I had no idea you loved Romantic Comedies so much.” Susan looked at him like he just saw the devil. “YOU DRAGGED ME TO A ROMANTIC COMEDY!” Marcus nodded his head. “This is date night.” Sunsan ran at him in frustration. The two began to light spar like feisty brothers. Marcus pulling him inside, almost as if he forgot about his lovely Rao. “Hurry up, it’s movie time.”

Sandium was having dinner with his wife when he received a message from his son. It was the promised data early and before Etes. She nodded silently. “It was already obvious that Sunsan is better than that Etes you forcibly keep around.” He could only ignore his wife’s comment. She had a valid reason to distain him. Sunsan was her son and prize winning heir. Etes was not. However, it could not be argued that in the short term Etes was more useful. Sunsan’s mission was a long one. The comparing of the two was hard in reality. Sandium himself preferred the short term efficiency and temperament of his other son. However, he contributed that to Sunsan’s life time as a Terran representative. While, Etes had arrived from Romulan. It was more natural for him to be more developed in a proper Romulan’s ways. Sunsan, however, also had this aspect as an advantage in his long term goals. Sandium silently resumed his meal.

Wells walked out of the restaurant with Tarique by her side. They had to walk back towards the Academy together as it made the most logical sense. Yet, for her there was an uncomfortable element to it as she had divulged quite a bit of information to his man she had only most recently began to engage with. “Your company was surprisingly enjoyable. I did not honestly think I would enjoy it without alcohol or a work-related task.” She fell silent for a bit as she started to enjoy the quiet sounds of night and the flora and fauna. When they arrived at the junction where they would split she nodded her head at him. “If you do wish to attend to the event on Wednesday in place of your people I am allowed a plus one of any species.” Wells did her best to smile at him. “Goodnight, Tarique.” She turned around and headed back to her room. To no surprise Susie Que was awake and eager to hear the news. She glared at the Vulcan attire. “Why is it always so ugly?” Wells could only sigh. “Most you always be so offensive…” Susie Que hugged her pillow closer. “Come on, you have to admit it’s ugly.” Wells quickly got out of her clothes and did her night routine. In her pajamas she laid down in bed. “This is why you are not interacting with many other species.” She wagged her finger no. “That’s not true. There’s Marcus…And you could technically include Sunsan.” Wells turned her back to her so her expression would not show. That was a failed argument to the point she was trying to make. “Just go to bed.” Susie Que laid back down and pulled the blankets over her. “If I have nightmares of Vulcan clothing it’s your fault.”


Vulcan Mating Cycle

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