75: Unnecessary

Tarique merely listened as Wells spoke. “An apology is not necessary. You are not the one who incited the display.” He spoke at ease, though his gaze briefly left his food at the mention of Cadet Rao. He processed the information silently. “I see.” He resumed eating. Considering the prompted with which she delivered the information he saw no need to comment further. “It is quite a normal practice for the Romulans.” Was the only comment he offered before resuming eating. He remained silent until he properly finished his food.

At mention of a future possible child Rao’s eyes grew wide as saucers. “Oh!” Nervous laughter ensued. When Marcus and Sunsan got caught up in one another she slid over to Zlekta who looked more amused than usual. “Don’t even start.” Rao tried not to smirk as she linked arms with the Betazoid to follow behind the two sparring friends. “SO what should we pick?” Once inside they made their way over the payment screens where Zletka scrolled through the options before her face lit up. “This one.” Zletka’s lips curled up into a smile as she tapped on title. Rao leaned over to get a better look. “Well…it’s not a romantic comedy and it’s definitely not a kids movie.” Peeking over at the boys she got an idea, “Can you guys get the snacks, please!” She called before whispering to Zletka, “Go for it.”

Sitting in the theater, Zletka and Rao figured it would be better to let the Sunsan and Marcus sit next to one another while they sat on either side. Just by leaning forward a bit, Rao could see how excited Zletka was for the movie to start. The previews for upcoming movies were rather ambiguous, but within the first five minutes it became extremely clear they were watching a thriller/horror of some sort. Zletka eagerly watched the screen, not willing to look away even when to grab her snack or drink. Rao on the other was a ball of nerves with one hand clutching Marcus’ thigh and the other partially shielding her view. At a moment where the majority of the theater screamed, Rao screamed with the rest of them while Zletka just kept eating. By the time they were back on the street Rao was casually glancing around. “So, what did you guys think? It was good, huh?” She still hadn’t completely let go of Marcus.

Tarique was enjoying the silence when Cadet Wells spoke earning his attention. “I am pleased to know my presence is adequate in the absence of depressant substances and delegated activities.” His hands were locked behind his back. “Thank you for the invitation.” He nodded once towards her. “Good night, Cadet Wells.” Turning down a different path he stopped briefly in his tracks before coming to a conclusion. Leaving campus he started a trek back towards downtown. Given the hour he was sure the individual he was seeking would be able to receive him.


Issaac Singing in the Rain – The Orville

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