77: Quarters

Zletka’s attention drifted from the couple to the Romulan at his groan, the corner of her lips turning slightly upwards. While she’d thoroughly enjoyed the movie she’d also found him extremely entertaining. The spectacle of their bickering soon lost its allure; however, and she opted to people watch instead. Quietly reveling in the sea of idle emotions and thoughts brought her ease. She didn’t bother holding back a smile when Sunsan called out/ordered for her to follow- the thoughts of passersby had simply been too amusing. With a quiet nod she joined him before peering at the options. “Hm…I’ll try this one.” She decided easily. “Thank you.” Opening up her drink she took a sip. His mention of returning caught her a bit off guard. She’d of thought he’d simply leave her to her own devices. “Sure.” Her tone was casual and she once again fell half a step behind him. His grumbling was met with silence for she was sure her opinion was neither necessary or wanted. Humming softly to herself Zletka enjoyed her beverage quietly. Her thought soon returned to the following evening’s gala. It had been a long time since she’d attended such a formal event. So much so she was truly looking forward to it. “Tomorrow night I suspect Marcus won’t let Rao out of his site, but I’ll do my best to make sure she doesn’t corrupt Mnhei’sahe.” By the time they reached her door there was still have a beverage left. “Thank you.” She smiled. “And where will you go tonight, then?” Surely Marcus would take Rao to his quarters leaving Sunsan in the very predicament he’d thrown a fit about in the beginning.

Rao snacked on her tacos overcome with her usual post horror movie hunger. “Hm?” Looking up at her statue of a boyfriend she shook her head. “It didn’t upset me; I’m fine.” She shrugged. “I just have to figure out how to get a proper leash and divy up my time to control your idiocy now.” She smirked before finishing the last one. Tilting to the side she watched Zeltka disappear off with Sunsan. “Wow. I wasn’t expecting that.” She admitted. “She has the consideration of a thousand beings…” Rao murmured under her breath. It wasn’t until she finally peeked up at Marcus again that she noticed the look in his eyes. “Do all Capellans have such a high sex drive?” With a flick against his chest she took his hand. “I mean I’m obviously not complaining, BUT I am due at the shipyards in the morning for a full shift so I do have to get SOME sleep or else your date to the ball isn’t going to be a very pretty sight.” Rao laughed a bit as Sunsan’s expression right after he saw her dress flashed in her mind. The thought of Sunsan reminded her of how she was about to steal his room again. “Hey…” She stopped her in tracks. “What if we got a hotel tomorrow night in the city? That way we won’t have to go all the way back to campus and Sunsan might actually have his room for once?” Pulling him back along a devilish smile formed. “AND…we’ll be able to-” Tugging him down to her level she whispered something she was sure they’d probably done once during a hook up at one of Garnett’s parties, “- sound good?” Rao asked without waiting an answer.

Tarique returned to campus in time to catch a glimpse of Cadet Rao and Marcus entering the latter’s housing development. It was merely noted though his thoughts were consumed with something far more important than a colleague’s relationship affairs. Once back in his room he settled down in the center of his room to begin meditation. There was much he needed to consider.


Riker’s Romance Lessons

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