78: Attention

Sunsan always enjoyed when a lower lifeform took the time to educate themselves. AT the mention of Mnhei’sahe he nodded his head accordingly. “I shall leave it in the capable hands of the reputable campus beatzoid.” Sunsan waving the idea of where to sleep off as if it was nonsense. “I have an arrangement with Wells for these nights, since they are so frequent. I take the bed and she sleeps on the floor.” Of course this was not true, but he refused to acknowledge outloud he slept on the floor during these occasions; which as he mentioned were quite frequent. “I’ll see you appropriately dressed and Rao properly collared tomorrow.”

Marcus brow perked for a moment at the mention of her leashing him. He was not into that sort of play but he felt it was not needed to be mentioned at this time. He shrugged at the sight of Sunsan walking Zletka home. “He is moronic but has some cultural standards.” Marcus gripping her hand tighter with a glaze to his eyes and a smirk on his face. “Shouldn’t we head back too?” AT the mention of sex drive he simply shrugged. “It’s not like I Have a base to compare it too. Many people on Cappellan do or do not have frequent sexual relations. While, I do not seem to be little or a lot in comparison to what I’ve seen in my age bracket and those I accompany. I would factor in though that comparative to many species here more things are new and exciting to me.” He smiled at her. “Alright, I wil take it easy tonight.” Rao was very cute when she tried to make suggestions. “There’s no need to. Sunsan has already decided to sleep in Wells room as he does often. Hotel rooms can also be a challenge last minute for me to find because of the beds. I will be more romantic night and call ahead tomorrow for a hotel room where I can enjoy your suggestions.” He winked at her and scooped her back up into his arms- quickly taking off for campus. “Now, can we go enjoy our romantic evenings alone time?”


Romance Lessons from Star Trek

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