80: Limo

Sunsan shook his head. It was obvious for courtesy sake and social hierarchy she would offer him such. However, he had zero expectations to fulfil her possible expectations. While, attractive and sustainable to be around, she was not an optimal choice for him at the moment. “Your offer is… noted. Wells will be waiting for me.” He turned around and briskly walked away. A sort of sneer escaping his lips. A night with a Betazoid… Sunsan silent as he headed to Wells room. A copy of her info opened the door. It seemed both girl’s were already asleep. They were unfortunately have better luck than himself tonight. Sunsan walking over to sit on the edge of Well’s bed. She was a bit of a deep sleeper. Looking down at her for a moment he flicked her forward. “Wells.” There was no response. He pinched her nose to stop her breathing. There was no response. “Wells.” Annoyed, he pulled the top blanket off of her, wrapped it over himself and walked to the end of the bed to lean against the frame. An annoying voice cutting into his almost peace. “Sunsan, shut up.” That annoying blonde Terran doll was sadly not a deep sleeper. He ignore her continuing quips to close his eyes. He would need the rest for tomorrow’s stresses.

Marcus smiled slightly at the kiss and allowed her wiggle out of his grasp. An evil smirk on his face as he followed her instructions. It was a nice change of pace having the woman be more dominant. However, it was only an occasional change of pace as he still desires to be the one in control.

The door opened around eleven am. Sunsan had finally returned to their room, just as Marcus had gotten out of the shower. His roommate looked annoyed. “At least you cleaned yourself this time before I returned.” Marcus ignored the snub and continued to dry his hair with a towel. After all, he had a lot of it. “Shouldn’t you shower your body.” Sunsan glared at him but removed his own shirt from last night. “I was on my way to it.” Marcus could only laugh. “I’m confident you were.” His eyes narrowing at a tiny red line indent on his back. “You spent the night at Well’s. I was optimistic you would stay with Zletka. Maybe even have some fun.” Sunsan groaned at the stupidity of his dog. “Your fun is not fun, but inappropriate addictions.” Marcus could only laugh and just walk past him to grab his data pad. He began to scroll through the information. “Besides my Rao and her friend it seems to be the usual suspects.” Sunsan groaned in the doorway. “How are you so stupid with all the training I provide for you.” Marcus only smiling silently as Sunsan entered their bathroom to shower.

Wells woke up to the sight of an angry Susie Que. By the way her top cover was crumpled over her and the fact her annoying roommate was steaming more than usual Sunsan must have slept her last night. “Well?” Wells simply rolled away from her. “I have five more minutes. Leave me alone.” Susie Que jumped on her bed and started to shake her. “We graduate soon! Can’t you get him to stop this already!” That was a stupid question with no need for an answer. She just pulled one of her pillows over her face. Susie Que getting off of her bed annoyed. “Wells, I want to go tonight.” She groaned under her pillow. “To what.” Susie Que crossed her arms with determination. “To the embassy event of course.” Wells turned around completely annoyed. Susie Que, to her fortune, had never wanted to attend one- especially a Romulan one. It had made her life and work easier. No concern for her roommates noncausal xenophobia and idiotic social faults. “No. I have no permission to bring a guest.” She rolled her eyes with disbelief. “Yes, you do.” Wells sat up and groaned. Her covers falling off of her. “I no longer have the ability since I have been assigned as Sunsan’s plus one for the events.” Susie Que started to shake her again. “Can’t you pull some strings! I want to go!” Wells glared at her. “There are no strings that would last minute let me bring an unknown, unimportant Academy Cadette.” Susie Que hit Well’s head with her own pillow. “Why must you be so mean in the morning!” Wells saw it as an excuse to be honest; especially, to her annoying and troublesome roommate. “Can I go take a shower now?” Susie Que started to stamp her feet. “I am telling you, Wells. I want to go! Can’t you at least try as my friend!” She simply got up off of her bed at headed towards the shower. When she left the room, Susie Que started to stamp her feet in frustration. “Not that I finally want to go why can’t she do it anymore!”

Wells stood inside of Marcus and Sunsan’s room. She seemed to be very annoyed. “I’m telling you Marcus to take care of this already. My entire day was toning out her stalking and massive complaints.” Marcus ignored her and started to fix his attire. He always felt a comfortable sense of peace when he was able to done full Capellan attire. It was as if he could finally be himself again in public and society. Marcus imagined Sunsan may have similar feelings in wearing his own Romulan attire. The two shared a common burden of trying to reform themselves as odd shapes within a square. However, it was Well’s feeling towards these things he had times of confusion with. For the most part, he knew he was the one who understood her the best- on this planet at least. Marcus was one of the few beings aware of her true species and her assigned burdens; although, he chose to ignore that many a times for his own experiences. However, it was hard sometimes to see where she stood on remaking herself to fit occasions. At times she seemed fine, comfortable or even used to it. At other times, she seemed frustrated, unwilling and burdened by it. He felt himself trying to figure this out as she was on the usual lecture of the constant squawk of her roommates stalking tendencies and feelings toward himself. Sunsan was waving the conversation way. “Can we move on from this tiresome redundancy. The bigger issue here is that Marcus has no doubtledly made my life hell with his guests tonight.” At that Wells sighed. “His highness and his problems.” Sunsan ignored the commented and looked her up and down. “At least you are aware of proper attire. Can you imagine either of those two arriving in proper attire?” Marcus chuckled. “Aren’t you bored of these things? Think of it as entertainment.” Wells smirked. Sunsan, however, was not amused. “Entertainment… Even you should not say such stupid things.” Wells looked down at her outfit. In this situation it should be considered an honor to wear a dress with such hints of status within the community. However, whether it was honors or entertainments she felt the growing urge to just skip tonight completely. At the soft vibration of her wrist band she clapped her hands. “Your date and her date is here.” Marcus excitedly opened the door. He was surprised to see Tarique taking photos of them. However, he cared more about twirling Rao around. “You look beautiful.” He gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. “You will outshine everyone there.” Wells turned to Tarique. “By your outfit choice I see you did not take up my offer. It seems I was right to expect you wouldn’t.” Sunsan’s face turned into an ugly scow. “No, absolutely not! There is no way these two are going.” He looked at Zletka. “You call this not offending Mnhei’sahe?” He gestured up and down Rao’s body. “You have brought me a woman who looks like she would pose as an escort at this event. An escort.” Marcus turned around to look at Sunsan. “Apologize right now.” Sunsan turned his head. “Absolutely not. There is no way I am allowing this.” Wells sighed. As usual she going to intervene. “Sunsan, you know Cadet Rao is a representative of Terran and not Romulans. She has followed basic guidelines and exhibited the formal fashion of her species. End this now.” She turned to Marcus. “You better hold your tongue at the event if you know who says something. Zletka has come to support Cadet Rao and you hold an important position.” Wells turned to Rao. “Your attire while considered short will pass by event standards. You will not appear as a high class escort so ignore Sunsan. We generally do.” Her eyes turning to Zletka. “I’m sure you did your work fine based on your reputation. As for your attire it is quite beautiful and culturally appropriate.” Wells turning to Tarique. “I see they have got you to agree to photo taking duties. They will need your services for a bit longer.” She gestured everyone out of the building and a bit away where a limo was parked. A Romulan male was standing outside holding a door open. “Lord Sunsan.” Sunsan nodded his head. “Loceb.” He looked at Tarique. “Hurry and take your pictures for the females so we can be on our way.” Loceb the drive sneered in joy. As the usual Romulan, he was not a fan of Vulcans. Wells sighed and Marcus ignored him to cuddle close to Rao. He posed himself behind her with his arms wrapped around her. A small whisper escaping his lips, “I promise the event will be very different and much better than this nonsense. Think of it as the show and light of a peacock.” Wells ushed Sunsan to come over. “Hurry and pose and release Tarique from the agony of having to listen to you talk.” He went to retort when she held up her hand. “We cannot be late to your family’s even, now can we?” He groaned and stood to pose besides her. They allowed a few photos before everyone was gestured into the limo. Wells paused behind them for a moment to smile at her new favorite toy. “You should probably send me those photos on a timelier basis than the original information I asked for.” Knowing the others had their backs turned to them she leaned forward to whisper into his ear. “I’m sure your superior enjoyed your phone call. I hope to enjoy myself in a conversation with you after our next joint meditation session.” Wells turned away from him. “Have a nice night Tarique.” Wells being forcibly stopped from entering the limo like the others at the sight of Loceb’s expression. He was glaring at her. “I see you brought more of your lot to our events.” Wells rolled her eyes. “I would think even you as a driver would know that these are Marcus’ guests and not mine.” He clicked his tongue in irritation. “And you whore? What do you know?” Wells narrowed her eyes and smiled at him. “Don’t you know by now that I know everything?”

The limo pulled in front of the embassy. Many people in beautiful attire were entering the Romulan embassy. At the sight of the limo door opening and Sunsan and Wells stepping out the usual mixed reactions appeared. Some annoyed, some in awe and some content at the sight. The surprising reaction came from Marcus’ surprise date and the arrival of a semi-notorious Betazoid. To think an irrelevant cadet and an ill choice of talented Beatzoid would appear at a Romulan event no less. Wells looped her arm through Sunsan’s. Her hand gently resting over the top of his. “Shall we go inside?” Sunsan nodded his head. The two leading the group into the embassy building that would hold the event. Moving through the stereotypical building and metal set of three mini stairs they entered to a more warmer and livelier room. It was made to be luxurious by everyone’s standards. Music that was obviously not simply Romulan was playing the background as food and non-Romulan ale circled around the room. Of course, the Romulan officials did have glasses filled with their notorious ale. Wells and Sunsan leading the group through the crowd and their looks to a group of older conversationalists. This did have the exception of one younger Romulan male. Their attention on the group produced quite the variation of nasty expressions. “Sunsan.”


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