82: Monogamy

Marcus smiled at her question. It was a softer smile then he usually gave, but when asked something like this he felt as if Rao had shows him a part of her childish heart. “We don’t have too if you don’t want to. It’s not a requirement of attendees.” Marcus gently put her hand on top of his anyways. He had the thought she may be feeling uncomfortable and due to their height difference this was the most natural and comfortable for of physical contact. If she did not need the reassurance she could move her hand. Marcus’ attention returning to some of the people he disliked most in the room.


Sunsan stiffened up a bit at the sound of his name. It was not that he expected it t sound any different, but when compared to how others said their children’s names it had become odd feeling to hear how his name was called. “Father.” Wells bowed slightly. “Ambassador Sandium.” A small look of displeasure crossed his features. “Cadet Wells.” His attention turning back to his son. “I see you have brought new guests. I recall the last time I asked you to bring a new guest as a date you made Wells your date instead. This is?” Sunsan stepped aside so Marcus would more heavily be shinning under the lights. “Marcus has finally decided to bring a companion.” The Ambassador turned to look at him with apparent disinterest. “I see. The young representative has brought dates. I had assumed by what was told that all Capulan’s were monogamous. Marcus’ brow twitched but his mouth stayed shut. Sunsan looked at Wells who said but spoke up. ”There is no need to correct any misunderstandings Ambassador. The Betzazoid besides them is the Cadet Zletka you have heard of. She is a close friend of the nervous cadet Marcus brought. It was decided that the interest in her would be beneficial as a tool to stop any potential embarrassment.“ The younger male Romulan besides him sneered. ”Still doing the talking for him.“ Ambassador Sandium seemed to look even more disappointed. ”Etes, escort this young lady to the dancefloor.“ The younger Romulan nodded his head and turned to look at Zletka. ”Shall we go.“ He started to walk towards the dance floor before she could answer. One of the older male Romulans in the back grabbed a drink from one of the trays and handed it to the girl besides Marcus. ”Drink.“ Marcus took the glass from him before she could and swallowed it down. A large smile on his face. ”Lieteunant Oketh, don’t you remember my species is better at handling Romulan Ale.“ The not so silent ‘it is banned for everyone else’ hanging in the air. Oketh turned to look at Sunsan annoyed. He only turned his head on the troublemaker. Lieteunant Oketh about to speak when the Ambassador cut in. ”Why don’t you show her towards the refreshments area then. The food their is more palatable for our guests. Many of which who seem to be eagerly waiting to greet you Capelan.“ Marcus gave Wells and Sunsan a look before eagerly escorting Rao away from the group. There was an area reserved as a station of all sorts of gourmet food and drinks. Marcus could keep an eye on her as she enjoyed herself and get his greetings done. The Ambassador turned back to Wells. ”Will you remove your hand from my son’s now.“ Wells simply followed instructions. It was not as if it was there because she wanted it to be. ”Do not stand by him anymore then is necessary tonight.“ She rolled her eyes at him. ”I will try hard to resist the urge Ambassador.“ Lieteunant Oketh scowled at her. ”You abomination has no right to talk like that.“ Wells looked at him and smiled. ”Lieteunant it is my joy to aid a superior by reminding him of the rules of conduct. Shall I inform you of your mistake?“ He took a step forward. Both Sandium and Sunsan not moving an inch to observe. While, each having their own side, both knew who would win in such a moment. ”Watch the way you speak Cadet.“ Wells turned her head from him completely to face the Ambassador. ”Ambassador Sandium, I believe I should go do my greetings now.“ She turned to walk away from them. Sunsan shaking his head and sighing at the smug looking Orketh. As he started to walk away his father called out. ”DO remember to spend time with those I told you were coming tonight.“ There was no response as he caught back up to Wells. A beeping sound occurring on the Lieteunant. He looked down at his wristband to see the data sent to him. It was images of him drinking at one of the bars that were famous for his women. The shots that followed were quite compromising. Any sense of life drained from his face as he looked up to see that Wells and Sunsan were not even paying attention to him. She didn’t care how he felt about it or not.


Romulan Star Empire

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