83: ~Right. Got It.~

Rao bit back a smirk, peaking up at Marcus just in time to see his brow twitch causing any potential smirk to immediately vanish. ~Well I think I figured out who ‘who know who’ is…~ Her brows unconsciously knit together at Well’s mention of her being nervous. ~relax your face~ Zletka’s voice sounded in her thoughts immediately. ~Right. Got it.~ Rao exhaled softly. Zletka’s black gaze flitted from Rao to the Ambassador and finally settled on Etes. Rao shot her friend a bit of an apprehensive look, but the Betazoid’s expression remained calm as she passed. ~Have fun…~ Turning back to the others her face lit up at the sight of a drink. “Oh! Thank-” She froze at how quickly Marcus swooped in. Rao raised a finger, her lips parting to begin a small protest, but quickly squashed the urge down. Thankfully, just the mention of food was enough to put her back in high spirits. “It was a pleasure meeting you.” She offered a brief smile before she was escorted away. It only took her about three seconds to spot the food station and less than a moment in front of it before she’s already decided to try everything. “So should I explore the food while you greet? Or should I go with you?” She smiled up at him, so thankful for the extra three inches her heels allowed. “Wait. I just have to try this first.” She whispered, treating herself to something green and orange that burst inside her mouth. “Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I have to come back for this.” The murmur was more a reminder to herself than anything else. “Okay, I’m ready.” She beamed, giving her shoulders a little waggle to the tune of the music.

Meanwhile Zletka followed Etes out onto the dance floor, casually observing those around them. The music was unfamiliar and a few venemous thoughts reached her, but thanks to Vinaa’s relentless preparation she was able to effortlessly wait in the starting position. It seemed improper to attempt to initiate the dance just a sit seemed inappropriate to attempt a conversation with him. It was no matter; however, as she was occupied enough fielding the undercurrents of so many competing conversations. “Hm…”


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