84: Etes

Marcus could only smirk as she did as he expected: enjoyed the free food. However, he was not expecting how much the general behavior of a person could be presented differently if they were dressed up. The pun of the comment hitting him a moment later as he found himself chuckling. Marcus couldn’t help but pat her head gently. “I’ll be circling the table area, so if you want to move between the table and I it’s fine.” He picked her up as always did, ignoring the stares. “Just don’t stray to far. I don’t think you want to be held like this all night.” Marcus giving her a kiss on the cheek before putting her back down. The representatives of the Confederated Martian Colonies appeared before him. He could not understand why they were so found of him. It was not as if their colony had anything remotely similar with his planet. Their eagerness for him was always a shocking event. “Cadet Marcus, I see you have brought a date with you this evening?” He looked at the well dressed woman. By the looks she was keeping down he wondered if that night…night(s) with her were going to hinder his Rao. Her husbaund seemed to just be smiling pleasantly. “Yes, you should of let us know. We would of helped you make the poor girl comfortable.” The woman looked Rao up and down. “Comfortable? If only we had the power to Steve. A Romulan event as the first event. Why, Marcus, to be so naughty.” Steve chuckled besides her. Ignoring the looks of those watching he rubbed his elbows against Marcus. “You can’t blame him Sarah. You could say it is a biological imperative to cause trouble every now and then for a Romulan- the order of life.” Sara swatted his arm playfully. “Steve.” Marcus turned to look at Rao. During the entire exchange he hadn’t actually checked if she had remained besides him long enough for their approach.


Etes looked her up and down and sighed. His brother was nothing but a Veruul forcing its existence on this family. He had done his best over the years to handle it in a calm manner, but the parasite somehow got worse and worse as the years went on. Even with being given a task that should of lead to his death the loach was on a track of survival due to a wild beast protecting him. Etes had tried on many occasions to seperate the beast from the loach but the beast only got more ferocious. Now, his father would expect of him to not only deal with the fact an unnmeasured Beatzoid was at the Romulan Embassy with very important Romulans in attendance but also to try and usurp whatever source of information the beast gave Sunsan before he could get to the bottom of it. Her ability to match Grip’s records was always infuriating. Without saying a word he took her hand in his and used his other to pull her close. The dances that was to be performed on such occasions were adapted pieces of traditional Romulan artistry and federation approved gyrating. Fine art was never something they understand on this planet. At least his partner was beautiful to look at by most standards and could keep a beat. Moving her along to the music was easier than he had expected when he first laid eyes on her. However, if she continued to prove more capable then in reality she could more then easily be his wild beast. A moment appearing in the song where he could choose to ignore it or choose to try and capitalize on it. As he was in nature one of the most superior beings, he would of course capitalize on it. Etes gently tilting Zletka down (during the dance) and leaning forward. He was sure she could hear as many as the oohs and aaahs as he did. A part of him chuckling at the few inferior Romulans commenting on the vulgarity of her appearance. As he pulled her back up his eyes looked down for a moment. Even he could not deny she was an attractive shape. When the song ended he let go of her and took a step back. Another young Romulan, one who had been thinking of such thoughts approached. “Cadet Zletka, shall we dance as well?” Etes narrowed his eyes. These upstarts and their fantasies. “Carak, the cadet is with me tonight.” Carak turned to look at Etes annoyed. This was in his mind all to push him down. Carak smiled at him. “Is she Etes? I had thought I saw her enter with Sunsan’s guests.” He held his hand out so Zletka could put hers on top of his. Although, by the crazy looks in his eyes there didn’t seem to be a choice in the matter. “Cadet Zletka was brought here to meet me. Unless, you want to discuss the assigned affairs?” Carak’s face distorted in anger. As most of the species with better than basic hearing or some other talent just witnessed him getting humiliated. It was not like Carak could say anything at this point. He was not able to ask for the data here or anywhere else. He also couldn’t say anything about who was meant to meet who even if she was just previously announced earlier as a comfort blanket. Carak turned to look at Zletka. “Another time then.” When he withdrew, Etes looked down at her. “Follow me.”


Wells had found herself walking towards one of the areas where guests chat as she walked away from the insect. It was not like she particularly had anywhere to go. The only place she wanted to go she couldn’t go to-home. Attending an event after what seemed to be awhile were the representatives of the United Rigel Worlds and Colonies. It was never noted on why my planet and them shared such good relations but they did. I had even heard that one of the representatives knew I was arriving before I did. “Jimpen, Tayla.” Two different looking species turned around to greet me. Jimpen was an exomale from Rigel V. While, his counterpart was a Zami female from Rigel VII. Jimpen shook his head slightly and I could hear the little jingle of metal in his hair. “Wells. I am not surprised to see you around a commotion.” Wells took a glass of liquor from one of the moving trays and smiled. “I can’t say you can blame me entirely for this one, Jimpen.” A casual smile spread across his face. “No, I suppose there would be no logic in attempting that.” Tayla next to him giggled. Her finger pointed at the approaching figure. “The true culprit reveals himself so soon.” Sunsan appearing besides her with his own glass of Romulan Ale. “Jimpen, Tayla. I did not think you two would come to this event.” Jimpen smile becoming wider and fiercer. “How could I not when so many respectable houses have come tonight? For such a minor unimportant occasion on a tense neutrality planet of all things?” Tayla giggled once again. “And did you see how many more women there were then men?” Wells laughing as she joined them. “It is as if they are all here to meet someone special.” Sunsan swallowed down his drink and waved over another. The irritation seeping from his voice as he retorted, “To think your planets pay you for this.” The two representatives smiled. They were in fact paid quite well for this. Tayla gave one last little tease before she moved to find the free food. “You could always say you are taken.” Jimpen ending her thought as he followed after. “You do have your reliable date.” Sunsan turned to Wells. She switched their glasses, downed his ‘regular ale’ and raised the glass. “To your future Mrs. Romulan.” Wells turning around to escape quickly. Sunsan about to go after her when he heard his mother’s voice. “Sunsan.” His mother should be thankful in that moment she was not a betazoid.


Seven of Nine Eating Cheesecake

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