86: Zaldan

Marcus’ eyes couldn’t help but follow Rao’s back. She fled so easily. Her stature was an unfair advantage for hiding against predators or fellow prey… However, what was more annoying was the fact that flies seemed to always find her as something to fly around. He turned back to Steve and Sarah. “It was nice to see you but I must rescue my date.” Marcus quickly withdrawing to head over to Rao was. For a moment Sara’s eyes narrowed at the sight of him walking away. Marcus never committed. He never acted in a slightly possessive manner or came with anyone other then those two. But this time was already coming off as completely different. Some unknown cadet got the lost boy who was always looking homewards to look at her. “Sara?” A pleasant smile appeared on her face as she turned to look at her husband. “Yes?” Steve wrapped his arm around her waist. “Maricelle just arrived.”

Etes found himself sighing. Where Betazoids devolving instead of evolving? Could one not understand the simple order of ‘follow me’. Carak was smiling at him like some proud creature. It was a completely intolerable combination. “Typical for the Federation to not disseminate information properly.” Etes grabbed her wrist. “You are my respective affair.” His eyes looked over Carak for a moment. “Don’t you have some woman to woo? Your mother is desperate for you to be married already. At your age…” Ignoring his response, Etes pulled Zletka across the room and down a balcony to a small outside sitting area. He released her by pushing her into one of the outside ‘slightly’ cushioned chairs. “Sit.” Etes looking out at the land before him. It was certainly not Romulus. He didn’t even turn around when he spoke next. “Don’t even bother trying to sneak away. Sit there for seven minutes and then you can go. I’m sure she wouldn’t of approved your friends visit unless she could survive at least that with a Romulan.” A funny smile appearing on his face. “Unless it was the brat who invited her. Or was it the dog itself?”

Sunsan looked wearily at his mother. Besides her were two young ladies. “Mother, I was wondering were you were.” She appraised his attire before speaking up. “I was escorting Dirre and Semetha in to the event.” It was now Sunsan’s turn to appraise someone. One was a classic dark skinned beauty. The other was more tan than dark. There was in fact nothing surprising about them at all. They were, to be frank, absolute examples of Romulan beauty. However, he was not aware of a need to grow closer to their families at the present moment. “I see. I hope such lovely ladies are able to enjoy a simple event such as this so far.” At his words all three women seemed to nod in approval. While, Sunsan only wondered why his mother sought to introduce women to him when he already had a woman he was pledged to at the moment. “I’m sure they would enjoy it even more if they had a dance partner.” He turned away to look around the room. “Carak was looking for a dance partner earlier. I’m sure Aker, Chivak and Nekiur are free for partners as well?” His mother looked at him disappointed. “Sunsan, go dance with them.” With them? He was already spoken twice over at this particular event. However, by the look in his mother’s eyes he did not think he could comment that out loud. Instead, he offered his hand to Dirre. “Would you care to dance?” With a smile on her face for being asked first she gently took his hand. The two heading to the dancefloor. His mother and Semetha turning to glare at Wells. “Remember, the one who you must destroy is that vermin.” Semetha nodded her head in understanding.

“Locon!” A tall man found himself turning around. A much shorter friend of his was shouting out towards him. “Wait up!” Locon found himself waiting for the short man to reach him. “What do you want Kaankim?” Kaankim still seemed to be catching his breath. “Spit it out already.” The betazoid finally looked up. “I have a job for you.” He waved the thought away. “No interested. Go ask someone else.” Kaankim pointed his finger into Locon’s chest. “Now listen her you annoying giant you are taking this job!” Locopn finally smiled and put his arm around the man’s shoulders. “There’s my friend. Tell me about this job?” Kaankim’s smile stiffened. Zaldan’s must be one of the most annoying species in the galaxy.


Wesley Crusher Takes No Shit

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