89: Geroln

Rao was mid bite when her feet suddenly left the ground. Part of her wondered if this was her punishment for always using ropes instead of ladders. Confusion etched her featured followed by suspicion, but it promptly evaporated when he gave her puppy dog eyes. That wasn’t fair! She quickly swallowed her bite. “Aww, okay.” Wrapping her arms him she gave him a snug squeeze. Not naive enough to think she was being put back down any time soon, she propped her arm on his shoulder to steady herself as she finished her treat. Leichnik found Marcus’ display quite informative into the behavior of Capellan males towards females. He idly wondered if this was perhaps why Marcus had refrained from bringing a date in the past, but then again Marcus was known to leisurely. “I was going to introduce her to Aarss of Bolarus IX, Geroln of Tellar Prime, and Cilon of Andoria. I’m sure they were would be very pleased if you were to come as well. This was not the original list he’d had in mind, but there were ways around it. “I’m up for it.” Rao nodded enthusiastically. Leichnik have her a smile and then looked to Marcus.

The corner of Zletka’s lips twitched upwards at his observation. Keeping her back straight the Betazoid turned her head, black eyes meeting his gaze directly. He was one of few beings she’d encountered who’d inquired about her abilities in such a direct, yet rhetorical manner. It was a tactic she’d been unfamiliar with before Terran. As amusing as it was however, she offered no comment on the topic. Once again her eyes briefly dipped to study the way his features morphed under a new expression in line with the so called ‘aura’ he emitted- as Rao would say. “I wouldn’t of thought rumors concerning a Betazoid cadet would ever reach or be memorable to someone of your status.” As it was not customary for Betazoids to lie, her words were quite genuine. She neither tensed or relaxed against his touch, simply holding his gaze. The ability of arrogance to permeate so consistently with certain species certainly never kept things from becoming dull; if not a bit trying. Turning her gaze back to the view she mulled over his offer. Zletka felt as if she were playing a game she for which she hadn’t prepared properly. In most situations it was Vinaa who did the interacting while she simply faded to the background- in most cases the others in question barely recognized her presence as anything more than aesthetically pleasing…if that. “I’ll decide once the three minutes are up.” She decided. “After all; I’m wouldn’t be the worst option, but I’m not the best option either.” There was much she wished to have commented on, but the imperative need maintain her ‘on mode’ helped curb her personal nature.


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