90: Representatives

Marcus eyes perked up at the names. Was that what the original list of names? By his history of being told about the whispers of this gnat it was doubtful. However, there was nothing to say at this moment. “Let’s go then. I can finally tell Aarss that his sister can get over me.” Marcus smiling down at Rao. “There is no need for anyone but Rao.” He followed her closely towards the group of people she was being introduced to. On the way he noticed he had caught eyes with Wells. I’m sure she understands what I want her to do.

Etes looked at Zletka curiously. Was she a flirt? It was hard to tell with these species sometimes. “Rumors of a Beatzoid cadet… the few of you.” A smirk appearing on his face for a moment. “I would think by now you would know why I would know such a basic thing.” Etes leaning in for a moment. “Especially, the tops of each department.” He was both the winning competitor and the forced clean up crew of Sunsan, his father’s irredeemable child. Etes turning away from her comment. Silence permeating the air as he stayed in his head. A party involving a farce and politics he shouldn’t think about until he knows her capabilities. A party he felt was nothing but distasteful. As it was always for Sunsan. The ill-capable louse of a Romulan genetic pool was continued to be spoiled and shown in a special spot light. A flaw of the Romulan system that still existed to favor such weak mulling thing. Sunsan… Your time left is running out. Your guard dog and beast won’t be able to cover for you for long. Etes turning to look at her again. “The three minutes are up, Zletka. What are you going to do?” Will she go back to the party or will she stay to have an actual conversation. Perhaps, something even meaningful?

Kaankim wondered throughout the back alley streets of San Francisco. Now that Locon was given his assignment he had to meet the next person. Entering the back alley bar he made his way over to one of the booths. Guarding it were two Orion bodyguards and sitting in it were a confident Ferengi and a more shy one. Kaankim slid into the booth and accepted the drink that was waved over. “The files.” Kaankim slid them over. “The list of names, their backgrounds and social connections to those assigned to the projects.” The Ferengi read them over a moment and nodded his head. His eyes glaring at the shy one. “Nip.” The Ferengi looked up nervously. “Grip.” Grip looked down at his younger brother. “Even with those ears of yours you missed some of these names.” Nip looked away awkwardly. Kaankim kept his mouth shut as both of them thought about Cadet Rao. This was certainly worse than what he had been informed about. “Grip.” The Ferengi turned to the Betazoid. “Is there more?” Kaankim nodded his head. “I have something for you from Wells.” Another smaller package was pulled out and slid over. Grip nodded his head. Nip looking at the two of them nervously. Would his Rao be okay?

Wells had caught Marcus’ eye. He was following Leichnik, huh… What had Rao gotten him into? Her attention returning to the Trill Ambassador Jaado. He was the Ambassador she was supposed to get along with, but still maintained a distance with. “I heard about the dinner event.” She nodded lightly. This was not the place to have any sort of conversation about it. “I was glad to find a cadet willingly to play for the event.” The Ambassador nodded his head. “Yes, I received your details about him” Wells casually took a sip of her glass. “Are you enjoying this event so far Ambassador?” Jaado turned to look at his wife mingling. A soft smile on his face. “I suppose as long as Yobi is having fun I am as well.” Wells shook her head. Why were most of the men she knew such soft beings? “Wells.” She turned around to see a Romulan female and Sunsan’s mother. The Trill Ambassador sighed and gave a quick nod. “I must check on my wife. Excuse me.” The annoying idiot escaping from the situation. Sunsan’s mother looking at her as if she was a disgusting insect. The usual. “Seeing your face at these events is always an irritation.” Wells simply shrugged. “I assumed after four years you would be fine with avoiding a required irritation.” Whatever she had to say did not matter to her. The younger Romulan female besides her repeated her name again. “Wells.” Wells attention turning to her. “Yes, Semetha?” Semetha eyes narrowed in annoyance. The fact that the insect was aware of her name was both annoying and expected. “I have been informed that you have gone beyond the limits of social etiquette with the Ambassador’s son.” Wells looked at her blankly. “In what way have I gone beyond social etiquette?” The girl looked at her annoyed. “Must such vulgar things be said out loud. Are you not aware this is a formal event?” Wells couldn’t help but roll her eyes. “If one is confronted at such a formal event should there not be a proper list of acquisitions? Proof of disrespect or crime?” Semetha seemed to be getting agitated. That was not a good thing if she was expected to chase Sunsan. Her eyes shifting to Sunsan’s mother. Her expectation of the girl seemed to be dropping towards useless. A shiny glint appeared in Well’s eyes as did a smile. The older Romulan narrowing her eyes further at the mental standoff the two were having. Semetha interrupting the battle. “I shall address the facts in private. I will not disgrace those present with such nonsense.” Wells turned to her looking bored. Every once in awhile things like this did occur. “In private? My apologies Semetha but such a thing is not allowed by Federation rules. I am a cadet. There is to be no interaction on such a level. My presence here is simply as a guest of the Ambassadors son.” Semetha seemed irritated at her response. This showed how useless she was. Wells had dangled many baits for her to take such as, no one actually following through with that handbook rule or her being a guest of the Ambassadors son and not being here as a cadet of the Federation. She was bad at being a Romulan representative. “Then when and where should we address such crimes of conduct Cadet Wells.” Wells smirked. “I will gladly review such offences after a list of them are sent to the Federation to be reviewed and tried.” The girl looked even more offended. “To bother the Federation with such nonsense when you can just save the time and admit your wrong doings now.” This was become tiresome. “Wrongdoings? You have yet to say any of the wrong doings I have apparently committed. Now if you excuse me I have to greet Aarss , Geroln and Cilon” She went to excuse herself when Semetha stepped in front of her. What a social faux-pa. “It may not be wise to greet such important people as a mere cadet. You may accidentally end up committing more social indiscretions. ” This girl was annoying. Can’t she go bother the object of her desire? “As I have said, no social indiscretions have been pointed out. My status as a cadet does not matter in such a case of approach since I am also a guest at the event. Further, I am a personal acquaintance of all three of them.” Wells going around her to head towards that group. This was tiring. The Romulan girl was making many faux-pa that she herself was cleaning up with annoying words. All while that annoying rat of a mother was staying silent as an observer. Testing that idiotic girl to see if she could fail even further. “Cadet Wells.” Wells turned around to the girl. “I must greet the other guests. We can discuss this further after a submission has been made through the proper channels. Excuse me. I have to fulfill my duties as Sunsan’s personal guest.” The words doing what they were meant to, jabbing the young girl. As Semetha went to speak Sunsan and Dirre reappeared. Dirre seemed to be smirking at Semetha’s slip ups. Romulans… Sunsan, however, looked infuriated. “Semetha, have I heard this correctly?” Semetha turned to look at him. A nervous energy appearing on her. “Yes, Cadet Wells has certainly overstepped her bounds.” He shook his head annoyed. “What I was inferring too was the insistence to ignore proper channels and stop my personal guest from completing her duties.” Semetha’s face and atmosphere fell into one of panic. She had offended the Great Sunsan. A snark looking appearing on her face. The idiotic man child was useful such times. Semetha tried to answer back. “I was simply trying to solve an issue.” He glared at her. “Now? At a festive event meant to celebrate relations between the Romulan Empire and the Federation? You assume it to be the correct time to air personal grievances. With such important guests present.” Semetha looked around the room. Many guests had a side eye and ear tuned towards the situation. Gritting her teeth and glaring at Wells she bowed towards him. “My apologies, Sunsan.” Sunsan took Wells hand. Wells immediately regretting not retreating earlier. “Come, a guest seems to have offended you and we haven’t had a chance to dance yet.” Wells begrudgingly following him to the dance floor. “I had it handled.” She whispered to him as they took up their position. Sunsan grinned. “And I had the perfect excuse not to have to dance with her.” She would certainly hit him later for that comment.


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