Episode 10 – Private Booths

Marcus was enjoying the sensual dancing with Rao when he felt her legs rub against him. A part of him growing hard. What a being this Rao was. Marcus leaning down so he could nibble on her neck. It was something he found himself enjoyed to do. His body pressing closer to her as his arms wrapped around her. Marcus’ lips nibbling up from her neck to her mouth. His tongue inserting into her mouth. The way she tasted was like a remembrance of the fruit that grew on his home world. Marcus pulled her up she was wrapped around him off the floor. He started to carry her towards one of the side booths, laying her down on the cushion. His hand reached back to pull a curtain closed, shading their bodies from the rest of the club. Neon lights reflection off of them like highlighters to the heat they felt rushing in their bodies. Marcus leaning up to remove his shirt. His well toned body in full view for appreciation. Marcus’ hands skimming her neck and chest. “I want you.” His lower half grinding against her. “Let me have you, Rao.” He leaned down to remove her shirt. “You’re glorious.” Marcus hand’s cupping her breasts. “I want to suck on them.” His head leaning down to her chest. “Submit your body to me. Let me pleasure you tonight.”

Wells was still drinking Romulan ale shots when she spotted Marcus drag Rao into one of the ‘private’ booths. She quickly turned away. Even drunk, she wanted nothing to do with Marcus’ party habits. Sunsan leaning towards her, in front of Susie Que. “You can’t possibly be considering going back out on the dance floor.” Wells with an evil glint in her eye smiled at him. “Considering? I have already decided on it.” Susie Que frowned. “You can’t leave me here with him.” Wells pushed her another shot. “Just drink some more than go back out on the dancevfloor. I’m sure you’ll find Marcus.” Susie Que shot it down quickly and headed back onto the dance floor to try and find her target. Wells standing up as well. “Enjoy drinker with yourself.” Sunsan narrowed his eyes at her. “I thought you wished to see proof of my dance ability.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Now, why would I care about proof.” Her eyes catching the figure of a certain reclusive Vulcan heading towards the exit. An evil idea sparking in her head. “When I can enjoy the skills of a more valuable cousin.” Ignoring the look he gave her, she rushed over towards him. Grabbing a shot and holding it in her mouth she grabbed his hand. When he turned around she pulled him towards her and kissed him. The Romulan ale shot entering his mouth and swallowed. Her tongue swirling in his. Finally, she released him. Wells smiling at him. “My apologies Tarique, but one cannot waste the occasion on you finally being out.” She grabbed his other hand so she could pull harder towards the dance floor. “Consider it secret research.” Wells lifted up one of her hands a revealed a part of her hand. A tempting smile on her face as she wrapped her arms around him. “Let’s see if one of my species and one of your species cohabitate for a night. Wells thoroughly trapping him in the middle of a crowd as she begun to dance.

Susie Que had been wading through the crowd of dancers for a bit when she saw the neon lights shine through one of the curtains. She’d recognize that seven foot frame anywhere. Marcus was hooking up with a girl. Today was supposed to be her night! Frustrated, annoyed and hurt she found herself heading towards the bar. TO her surprise she saw Zleitka there. Even though she didn’t seem to want it she had a great tactical man at her disposal. Susie Que grabbing two drinks and thrusting one in front of the beta-zoid. “It’s not fair!” She downed her shot and looked at her. “It’s completely unfair!” Susie Que eyeing her with daggers. The fellow medic would drink with her! “I mean…tonight was my night, you know? I was going to tell him. Now he’s got some random girl in there.” She ordered two more shots of ale. Susie Que downing a drink and handing another one towards her. “I mean you can have Garnett whenever you want!” She slammed the empty glass on the table before turning to look at her. “What did you do! How did you do it!” Susie Que pulling her into a hug. “What am I supposed to do with the rest of the night?”

Sunsan looked at what just happened with a complete sense of disbelief. The dog walked away from him for his emotionally repressed inferior, the genetic mutant that had no need to even exist on the evolution tree! The glass shattered in his hands. “She walked away for a Vulcan.” He felt his temper grow. This girl was the most infuriating ant on this entire planet! He stood up and quickly walked towards the bar. He spotted that annoying Que girl standing next to the beta-zoid. She would be adequate enough. Sunsan grabbing her hand and pulling her into the crowd. “Come. We need to dance.” When he stopped in the middle of the crowd he looked at her to start. He had actually no idea what this sort of dancing was.

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Scream – Usher

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