Episode 11- Advice

Tarique had watched Rao disappear into the crowd with another cadet for only a second; running through the Star Fleet code of conduct for cadets in his head on just about everything he stood witness to. After finishing a simple variety of Scotch he paid and started a very jagged course to the exit. A shock hit his system, the Vulcan snapping around when someone grabbed his hand. The inebriated rush of emotions hit him at once. The girl appeared to be Cadet Wells. She was normally in the company of Sunsan- He hadn’t even enough time to process it when she forced herself on him, a liquid making it’s way into his system. No. Not a liquid. Clearly Romulan ale. His eyes widened slightly before relaxing as he straightened up, not yielding to her attempt at dragging him to dance. “I can not fathom-” A solitary brow perked. She wasn’t fully human. Interesting…. He allowed her to take him, but grew stiff when she wrapped her arms around him. “You are inebriated. I can assure you our species can co-habitate.” Wincing internally as the base in the songs increased he placed his hands on her shoulders to remove her from him. “I apologize. Another night, perhaps.” The base hit again. This time he winced noticeably. “Under different circumstances.” Taking a step back he turned to the exit. It would be his first and last time attending one of Garnett’s parties.

Zletka was chatting with a Ferengi when Cadet Que appeared at her side. “Oh, thank you.” She accepted the drink kindly before picking up on the emotions radiating from Que. Her expression softened into one of confusion and surprise. Unsure of who she was referring to, Zletka simply continued to listen. Taking the shot she coughed at the mention of Garnett. By the time she could respond, Que had already pulled her into a tight embrace. “I don’t see why you shouldn’t tell him.” Her tone was soft and kind. “If he has casually engaged with others at parties before, then why should this time deter you any more or less?” In most cases she wouldn’t use knowledge collected via psionic means in conversation like this, but given the girl’s state; both emotionally and otherwise, she was willing to make an exception. “Given the time there are still a few hours until the club will close. Perhaps you can make your feelings known by then and return home in high spirits.” She offered with an encouraging smile. A sudden grip on her hand caused her to look up into the eyes of a Romulan. Once again she was privy to the thoughts and emotions rolling off him in waves. Anger….among other things. She turned back to Que, “Until then enjoy yourself before Garnett find out you are having a poor time.” She teased softly before being pulled away into the crowd. It took a lot of self control not to smile too wide when he just stood there. It seemed he was out of his element. There was the amused thought of leaving him there, but she conceded to guiding his hands to her waist and leading him on to the beat. Normally she was sure there’d be some sort of conversation, but she found herself content to simply eavesdrop on his line of thoughts while dancing on him as if he were any other man.

Garnette was sharing a shot with the DJ when he noticed Zletka dancing with.. was that Sunsan!? “What the hell?” No. There was no way. He made a move to step down from the DJ booth but was blocked in my friends ready for another round. “Huh? Oh. Of course I have it!” He laughed with a subtle gresture for the DJ to raise the volume.

Rao allowed her eyes fall closed, manicured nails biting into the skin of neck as his affections worked up her neck. When his lips reached hers she merely smiled, accepting him readily. All thoughts of dancing and immersing in the club around them seemed to all but disappear from her thoughts as his grip tightened on her body, her legs naturally locking around form. The indiscriminate whoops and hollers of onlookers barely registered, paling in comparison to the warmth traveling down her core. It wasn’t until she was enjoying the site of him stripping that it truly registered she was on something soft. Biting her bottom lip, Roa smirked at his statement though any reply was cut short at the sensation of his pressing against her. Rao felt a hot flush through her body while he began to explore her. Resting her head back she ran her fingers over his shoulders and up through his locks to bring him closer to his goal. A please sigh among other sinful sounds slipped from her throat with the loud music working wonders to drown her out. Opening her eyes once more she pulled Marcus into a deep kiss. “Yes.” She finally breathed, one hand easing him down onto the cushion as she maneuvered to straddle him. Pressing herself against him she slid her tongue down his throat, a hand snaking it’s way between them to free him from his pants. “-But after me.” A smile formed as she sat upright to untie the top of her dress. With the music still blasting around them she didn’t bother to stifle her moans as she took her prize, slowly working her way into a rhythm. Feeling the rush between them the neon lights only serving to feed her surreal high as she gave in to him.

Rao slid out from the curtain and back into the full spectrum of neon lights canvassing the club with her dress perfectly in place and a sated expression painted on her features. Intertwining her fingers with Marcus’, her entire body felt numb as she weaved her way through the crowd and towards the bar in search of liquid they could spare.


I Just Had Sex – Lonely Island Feat. Akon

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