Episode 12 – Offers

When her arms were removed from around him she couldn’t help, but smile. “interesting.” She was so used to men being these crumbling things. Vulcan suppression was indeed as interesting as it seemed in class. She surprised by taking his hand once again. Dragging him in a different way. “The quickest way to the exit is this way.” Wells pulling him till they were out of the club. She let go of his hand. She stretched up the sky. The fresh air circulating around her a shocking relief to the system. She really had drunk so much ale. Wells turning to him. “This way. I know where we can buy decent food and drinks at this time.” She smiled at him. “Besides, it is quiet.” Wells smiling at him. “And I do wonder about those design flaws reported to the Admirals office.” She gestured to the direction. “I promise no touching if you can explain what exactly was a risk to our safety.” Wells walking closer to him with a devious smile on her face. “Or I can torture you with repeated touching. Do not tempt a curious mind.”

Sunsan was shocked by the beta-zoid guiding his movements. To be honest he did not want to be doing this. It was just a matter of trying the routine once and then he would master it. At that point it would be simple to prove to Wells her inferior thought processing. When he reached a point of being unable to handle it anymore he took a step back. “Your lessons were admirable for your species. Excuse me.” He headed back to his booth. Sunsan catching the sight of Wells leaving with the Vulcan. A part of him boiling. What was she thinking! He reached for Romulan ale. These lower life forms.

Marcus always enjoyed the boldness this female possessed. It was something he found quite rare among the human species. He was eager to allow her to satisfy herself. As it would bring joy and comfort to both of them. Time and time again he was proven right. When she was done, he politely retied her dress for her. His hands skimming her body line. “Come, let us drink.” Marcus following her lead as the two exited the booth towards the bar. When they got close he flagged down the person handing out shots and acquired them more. He handed one towards Rao and shot his down. A smile on his face. “How I wish I could just take you on this bar.” His head leaning down to give her nibbles on the neck. “But sadly that would be too unfair to the rest of those in the building.” Marcus standing up to pull her towards the dance floor. “Let us enjoy the music as the night is still young!”


Our Deal – Best Coast

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