Episode 13 – Leverage

Tarique removed his hand from hers immediately; settling to follow behind until they were outside. Even at this distance he could keenly hear every nuance in the music blasting from the within the clubs walls. He was neither hungry nor thirsty, yet given her level of inebriation the consequences of leaving her clear. His interest was peaked at her inquiry. Most weren’t aware of the design flaws though her ranking in her respective field made it predictable. He cocked a brow at her supposed peace offering. Information in return for a reprieve from harassment. Taking one step away from her he clasped his hands behind his back and took a step in the direction she had motioned. “The particular design flaws have not been disclosed by the Admirals yet.” He spoke briefly. After a slight glance in the young woman’s direction he continued. “Cadet Rao pointed out a design flaw in the construction of the engineering department having an open floor plan with multiple levels. During the Chief D’aunchel’s speech she interrupted quite perturbed, but was silenced before she could fully clarify.” As the distance from the club grew he could feel the tension easing from his shoulders. “She met with Cadet Rao earlier this evening on strict orders to offer an apology for the outburst.” It was at this point he was reminded of how little information he had been given by the point of interest. “I inquired earlier in the week and Rao evaded as is customary to her character.” He tilted his head to look down at her. “Is that sufficient?”

Zletka could not recall a party thrown by Garnett that had elicited such…interesting behavior. It really was no wonder why he’d been vying to get Romulan Ale. “Thank you.” She turned from Sunsan to spot Que on the dance floor. She smiled and made her way over to join her fellow cadet.

Rao couldn’t think of a thing she enjoyed more than a sipping on something cool after sex. The shot didn’t disappoint. Blue liquid quenched her thirst whilst giving her a small boost all in one. Tilting her neck to allow him better access she smiled deviously. Her gaze flickering to the bartop. “You’re insatiable.” She teased.

After a couple of hours spent with Que, Zletka spotted the familiar fabric of her roomates catching and reflecting the neon lights. From her spot in the crowd she could see Rao leaning up to whisper something in Marcus’ ear before making her way over to the bar. Suddenly Zletka was struck by inspiration and tapped Que’s shoulders. “I know someone who can offer better insight.” Leading the girl through the crowd she brought her to Rao who was strestched across the bar explaining something to the bartender. “Rao!” Zletka called earning the brunette’s attention.

“Hi! Where have you been?!” Rao settling on the bar stool and gave her friend a hug.

“I’ve been with Que.” Zletka motioned to the girl.

“Hey!” Rao waved happily to her. “Enjoying the party?”

Zletka wasted no time in starting. “No. She planned on making ‘tonight the night’ with someone, but he went off with another girl for some fun and now she isn’t sure what to do.”

Rao nodded. “Oh…Well…is it serious or just a fling?”

“The situation with the other girl is a fling, but Que wants something serious.” Zletka looked at Que to correct her if she had gotten any details wrong.

“Oh!” Rao perked up. “Okay, so then you just have to go get your man!” Running her fingers through her hair she pushed her bangs out of her eyes. “You are a beautiful catch who literally looks like you stepped out of an advert for an alcohol or off a runway and either way- I’m buying what you’re selling.” The bartender placed her drink at her side. “Thank you!” She took a sip. “Anyway, if he’s the type of guy who parties and hooks up randomly, DON’T let it deter you. Some people just kind of float through life like that until someone comes along to give them that push. And EVEN if he says no initially, it might open his eyes to the possibility and THEN the idea will sit and THEN he might up end pursuing you because now you got him to see you in a new light.” She winked, nodding along to her own idea with another sip. “I mean, we only get one life right? So why not take a chance? For all we know you guys may not even end up posted to the same ship and then you meet someone who’s ten times better, so who cares? Eveything might shift a few months time. Hell- anything might shift in two DAYS. I might be losing my career on Monday before it’s even started!” She shrugged, laughing at her own series of unfortunate events. With a breath she sipped her drink, unaware half the liquid disappeared while her own words sank in. “You know what? Let’s do it. Right now.” Setting her glass down she scooted up so she was perched on the bar top.

“What are you-”

“Leverage.” Rao explained before clearing her throat. “MARCUS!!!” She yelled waving the tall man over. Once he started heading over she took another sip of her drink. “You ready?” She winked at Que. As soon as he arrived she smiled. “Alright, Marcus.” She focused on level eye contact. “I want to engage in a mutually monogamous physical and emotional relationship with you. Starting tonight- or this morning.” Rao wasn’t entirely sure what time it was, but shook the confusion from her mind. “Whatever, you know what I mean. Starting as soon as possible.” After finishing she sought out her glass for another dose of liquid courage to find it had already been drained.


Pike And Kirk Bar Scene

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