Episode 14 – Relationships

Wells turned away from him slightly and also crossed her arms behind her back. It was a natural thing for her to mimic those around her at times. It normally helped illicit a sense of comfort. Besides, it displayed to those who are frightful of physical contact that her hands were safely away. “Not at all sufficient. I was expecting someone with your file to be more active in their curiosity.” Wells beginning to walk towards the restaurant. “The diner happens to have a portal in which our wristbands can be used to access Star Fleet Academy’s servers.” She stopped for a moment. “If you are interested in viewing what information they could have saved on the matter.” Wells continued walking a smirk on her face as she began to hum similar sounds to the Vulcan lute.

Sunsan spotted Marcus playing with his toy on the opposite side of the club. Frustrated by the entire night, he chose to simply leave. They were running out of Romulan ale anyways. What awaited him outside the club was just another horrid sight. Wells was walking besides the Vulcan. A smile on her face. The thought of it irritated him. To think a Vulcan could elicit an emotional response from her before him. It was just unthinkable. He was a proud and noble Romulan male. A female of her should not be so ignorant of what was expected of her. A sense of enlightenment hitting him. These female would never learn until she was reminded of her place. The best way to do that was to crush her sense of superiority over him. Which, of course, stemmed from her ability to engage in an intellectual discourse with a Romulan such as himself. If she was unable to match his level of discourse then she would finally be aware of her place. Sunsan found himself new resolve to best Wells in results by the final of the year.

Marcus was enjoying dancing with Rao when she whispered to him about having to saunter over the bar for a moment. Shrugging he made his way over to Garnett, slapping him on the back. “I find this party of yours quite enjoyable!” He pointed to Rao. “I would not have had such a night without your assistance.” Marcus wrapping his arm around Garnett’ shoulder. “In repayment, what can I do to help you with Zleitka!”

Susie Que stood next to Zleitka waiting to see who she would call over. To her surprise it was Cadet Rao. Susie Que vaguely remembered hearing that Rao was her roommate. She went to speak up when she found the two completely engaging in a conversation about her without her! Then Rao went into this shambly self-mocking monologue. Then she heard the name. Susie Que as Marcus made his way from Garnett towards the bar. No. No. NO. Susie Que felt like the everything was being swept away from her when she watched Rao’s confession and saw how happy Marcus looked. Dizzy she held onto the bar counter top. Marcus smiling at Rao. He leaned forward and pinned her against the bartop. “I was figuring I would have to ask you first, but as you have declared your intentions.” He kissed her on the cheek. “I would be delighted to have a mutually monogamous physical and emotional relationship.” Susie Que gripping the counter so hard. NO. Marcus never…NO. She felt herself growing more dizzy. Susie Que leaning heavily on the counter. She turned to the bartender. “Can I just get a glass of water, please.” She was trying her best not to look at the love atmosphere right besides her. Marcus was being so close to her! He was nibbling on her! Susie Que eagerly grabbed the water and started to drink it quickly. Where was Wells! She would even take Sunsan at this point!


Bar Scene – Star Trek (2009)

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