Episode 15 – Food & Fountain

Tarique fell silent. It appeared the few rumors he’d unwillfully gathered surrounding Cadet Wells were correct- though he seemed to have acquired more relative insight. “Accessing the Academy’s servers without explicit permission from a senior officer is against the Academy Code of Conduct.” He reminded her flatly. Resuming his pace he looked ahead to the diner. Her humming was heard easily; something not quite familiar, but almost…He blinked in recognition, his fingers reflexively squeezing his wrist. He stopped. “The servers don’t have the specifics you’re looking for. They reference a disrespectful outburst and disciplinary actions pending on Chief D’aunchel’s satisfaction with her apology.” He continued in the agreed upon direction with no intention of discussing his prior statement. Holding the door for her to enter he was content to find it pleasantly quiet. The ‘seat yourself sign’ was noted and after spotting a table in the back he calmly cross the restaurant to hold a chair out for her.

For a moment Garnette thought his eyes might bulge out of his head when a hefty hand collided with his back. “I’m glad!” He coughed, grateful Marcus had yet to catch him on an inhale. He laughed when he saw who Marcus was pointing to. “I do what I can for you guys. What can I say?” He shrugged, taking a drink from one of the hostesses. By this time the once purple shots has gone to blue and were now a bright orange. Romulan had successfully been siphoned in and out with the idea of food already permeating though the venue, right on time. Peering up at the DJ booth he could see the manager watching the crowd. Garnett raised his glass at the man who just brushed him off. He was mid gulp when Marcus started up. He almost choked Zletka’s name. “What?” He forced a laugh to place it off. “Listen, don’t worry about helping me. It’s my job to help you and by the power invested in me: tonight is going to be the best night you’ve had all year!” Grabbing another drink he handed it to his friend. “Drink up!”

At the mention of Marcus, Zletka’s attention instantaneously turned from Rao to Que. Her expression shifting from pleasant to almost blank as the emotions began to flow from the woman at her side. Looking between Marcus and Que she placed a gentle hand on the woman’s arm to help steady her. Just as Que’s grip tightened on the bar-top, Zletka’s grip on Que tightened. The disparity between Rao and Marcus’ feelings with Que’s was almost too overwhelming for the Betazoid to bear. Rubbing the poor girl’s back she gestured with the other for another glass of water.

Rao could barely contain her smile when she finally turned from Marcus to Que and Zletka. “And that’s how you do it!” Locking an arm around Marcus’ neck she pulled him in for a kiss.

Zletka merely nodded at her blissfully plastered friend, a fleeting smile forming before she stepped to situate herself between the new couple and Que. The site of Garnett approaching gave her an idea- hopefully one with more positive outcomes.

Garnett immediately clocked Que and Zletka’s less than prime expressions. “We’re all having a good time, right?”His laughter stopped short at the expression on Zletka’s face. “…Maybe it’s time to start phase four.” He considered, growing more confident when she nodded. Garnett straightened up. “Alright, guys!” He slammed a hand down on the bar next to Rao and Marcus. “LET’S GO. TIME FOR STAGE FOUR!” Wrapping an arm around Que he smiled down at her. “Let’s get some food in you.”

Rao perked up at the thought of food. “Food!? What are we thinking?!” She gently pushed Marcus away to hop down onto the floor. Letting her hand trial down Marcus’ arm before reaching across the bar to accept her bag.

“The usual place.” Garnett shrugged, guiding Que along as the group made their way through the crowd and out into the fresh air. The walk was cool and quick. Ahead of them he could see Rao walking with Marcus meanwhile Zletka stood on the other side of Que. “How much do you want to bet she goes in the fountain?”

“Hmm…” Zletka appraised her friend still managing to stand upright on her heels. “Forty energy credits?” She offered.

“Done.” Garnett agreed before turning to Que. “You want on the bet?”

“Where did Wells go?” Zletka asked. “I didn’t see her in the club when we left.”

“No idea.” Garnett shrugged. When they reached the food stalls he released Que to give her space to order. “I’ll have a calzone for me and whatever the ladies would like.” He gestured for Que and Zletka to go ahead. When they collected their food he took them to their usual spot by the fountain.

Rao arrived a few moments later with nothing but a large cup of soup in her hand.

“Did you already eat that sandwich?!” Garnett laughed.

“Yep.” Rao smiled before stepping up to walk on the fountain’s edge; unaware of the look Garnett shot at Zletka and Que.

Garnett suddenly stood. “Well, I’d say that party was a success. What about you guys?” He looked at his companions.

“I’d DEFINITELY say so.” Rao pipped up, sliding her hands up Marcus’ chest to hug him from behind.

Garnett bowed. “Thank you. Thank you. I aim to please.” He grinned, accepting a bottle of water from Zletka. Seeing how Rao cuddled into Marcus he turned to the others. “Did I miss something?”


No Food For Those On The Path To Kal’Hyah! – DS9

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