Episode 16 – Vulcan Table Manners

Wells was not at all surprised at the fact Tarique reminded her of the academy’s rules of conduct. Nor was she surprised by the fact he resumed walking. Although, the brief moment of a wrist grab was an interesting surprise. Vulcans were quite fun to poke at. If her schedule was not filled with Marcus and the annoying Sunsan she would have more time to see how much he’d react to different pokes. Wells couldn’t help, but smile when she heard that he already hacked into the servers. She covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Simply electing to nod her head. Wells accepting the rest of the walk to be in silence. She also enjoyed the manners he presented in which he held the door open and her chair out. Happily sitting down at her chair. She waved the hostess over who seemed to recognize her. The waitress was an adorable augment and the sister of who she had had fun with. “We will take two altair waters and two cups of hot tea.” The waitress nodded her head. “Anything else?” Wells turned to look at him for a moment. “Hmm. He seems like a simple sort of food lover.” She turned back to the waitress. “Give us your most flavorable soup with a side of crackers. And if you have any fruit back there similar to the flavor of a Tolik can Jacob cook it into a simple light mousse?” She nodded her head and gave her a wink. “Anything for our favorite patron.” The waitress leaving with an excited jig in her step.

Wells turned away to grab the portable portal that was resting on the counter. It was normally used for children to play games. However, a cadet from a few years ago had used their system to link into the Star Fleet Academy’s server. The idiot wanted to check his grades. Wells typing a few stroked on her wrist band before turning back to the portal. “Not that I don’t trust your ‘conduct’ in accordance to the rules. I just happen to have a few tricks up my sleeve that a straight lace such as yourself may not be aware of.” She stopped typing away furiously on the portal. Missing the waitress putting down their drinks. Wells also missing the wink she gave the Vulcan. It took her a few moments to get into the Academy’s servers. From there she had go from student accessible data into data saved under admiral files. Taking a sip of her water she again didn’t notice the waitress return. The waitress putting their soup down in front of them. She was smiling at Tarique. “Don’t worry hun. She just gets a little absorbed when she works. She’ll return to you shortly.” The waitress leaning closer to him. “But if you want company while you wait just wave me over.” She walked away happily.

Wells smiling as she finally found herself into Chief D’aunchel’s server. Skimming over what she saw Wells couldn’t help, but frown. Finally turning the portal towards Tarique. “I admit my knowledge of engineering to be above par for those on my track, but the simple reminder notes aren’t enough to give me indication of what could possibly be the matter.” She pointed to a few certain lines. “Your chief has noted down a reminder to go over the top structure of the ship’s designs, as well as bolded nacelles.” She turned to take a sip of soup. It was delicious and warm. “Perhaps, those in engineering don’t feel the need to leave accurate notes in their personal secured servers. But maybe this will indicate to you what she spotted wrong.” Wells taking another sip of soup. “And then you can explain it to me.” The waitress returning of a shot glass filled with some sort of fruit mousse. She turned to the vulcan. “On the house.”

Susie still elected to remain mostly silent. There was a swirl of emotions inside of her and witnessing Marcus, not even paying attention to her, and being all over Rao was making her feel sick. Wait… HOW WAS SHE SUDDENLY GOING WITH THEM IN THIS ROUND 4! What had she just missed. Susie Que found herself being tugged by Garnett towards the fountains. Food somehow ending up on her lap. WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH TIME. She had been so concerned with Marcus just being glued to her, and them flirting that she hadn’t noticed any of the events that actually transpired! Marcus was now sitting on the fountain edge with Rao on his lap. Susie Que felt herself boiling as she munched on her sandwich. Finally, she turned to Marcus. “Marcus, have you seen Sunsan or Wells?” Marcus, finally turned away from that girl, to look at her. “I never keep tabs on Wells. You know how she is when she finally decides to have some fun.” He looked away for a moment to think. “And Sunsan was enjoying the ale in a corner of the room last time I spotted him…But Que, since when were you concerned about Sunsan?” She shook her head immediately. “I’m not. I just figured if one was missing then the other would stalk her.” Marcus laughed. While it is true Sunsan has an unhealthy attachment to Wells I doubt he would follow her out. He probably has already returned back to the dorms. Wells is probably off having fun.” Susie Que sighed. “When that girl has fun the whole city is in trouble.” Marcus cracked up laughing and hit Susie Que on the shoulder reassuringly. “You truly act as if you’re her sister. Perhaps, if you were not always worried about her you would allow yourself to have some fun.” He squeezed Rao on his lap and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Everyone here has found someone of desire. Isn’t your turn Que?” Susie Que felt her heart begin to break. She couldn’t even distract him from the public love making. Susie Que taking another bite of her sandwich. “I just thought you’d be more concerned. If Sunsan ever saw Wells having fun the potential reaction would drag everyone down.” Marcus simply shrugged. “It’s his fault for not getting over those quirks of his.” He squeezed Rao even tighter and planted more kisses on her. “See, favorable results happen for those who are honest and upfront.” Susie Que looked down to eat her sandwich. There were no longer words to describe her emotions.


Vulcan Table Manners

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