Episode 17 – Walk Home

Tarique fell into a comfortable silence; listening as the two females conversed with little interest. His interest was peaked; however, at the mention of Tolik. It was relatively uncommon for other species to take much interest in Vulcan culture- a logical measure he found given undisclosed information and behavioral attitudes. At the term ‘straight lace’ he blinked. A once foreign phrase; it’s meaning has been familiarized in recent years so he understood the meaning. “Thank you.” He spoke clearly for the waitress, waiting for her to set the tea down before selecting a cup. He observed Wells working on the system, looking away when the waitress addressed him. He nodded in kind though he did not offer a verbal response. The waitress’ incline towards him was met with no change in his posture. Instead, he gave the soup a taste. By the time Wells turned the portal towards him, the soup was all but finished.

He scanned the pad, reading over clear short hand while regarding Wells’ commentary. “The use of jargon and shorthand is common in most professions.” He stated quietly, his eyes narrowing slightly in concentration. “While his notes are ambiguous it is likely the error is linked to structural integrity, propulsion, or the warp drive directly.” He paused when the waitress returned with a dessert. “Thank you.” He repeated in the same flat tone. “Given my limited insight into Cadet Rao’s intellectual interests, it could be any of those three or even something more specific.” He recalled his most recent conversations with the young woman. “Further investigation is necessary. I will resume when during my next meeting with her.” Turning his attention to the mousse he raised it up for inspection.

Rao’s attention drifted from her fellow cadets to the soft rythm of music drifting from the food stalls. With the last of her soup gone she leaned back against Marcus until his squeeze brought her back to the present. Perking up she looked over at Que. A smile formed. Little did Marcus know she had someone she desired, but it wasn’t Rao’s tale to tell. “And those who have a healthy bit of Romulan Ale in their systems.” She gave Garnett a cheeky wink.

Garnett nodded, raising his water in Rao’s direction before taking another sip. “Aye to that.” He peeked over at Zletka who was focused on Que.

Zletka watched the interaction between Marcus and Que with soft determination. Every reaction Marcus gave seemed to have a more detrimental effect on the girl’s emotional state. “It’s about time we return to the Academy, don’t you agree?”

Rao shook her head. “Nope.” The girl popped up, stepping up on the edge of the fountain to get a better look at Zletka who stood beneath her. “You go. I’ll meet you there.” She decided gleefully, scooting on her heels to each word.

“Rao, you should be-” Zletka’s warning came too late with the engineering student slipping back into the fountain with a splash.

“Shite.” Garnett muttered underneath his breath. Rising to his feet he stretched just as Rao popped back up.

Rao attempted to speak, but could only manage a laugh. The sopping wet girl stepped out of the fountain, wiping water from her eyes.

“How was it?” Garnett asked, moving to stand next to Rao.

“Uh…I’d say refreshing.” Rao laughed again.

Garnett nodded, sliding a device out of his pocket in order to transfer the energy credits.

Zletka merely smiled. “Let’s go. Garnett and I will take Rao home.” She looked to Marcus. “Would you mind taking Que home since she’s more comfortable with you?”


Odo’s View On Human Relationships -DS9

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