Episode 18 – Xenophobic

Wells listened to him quietly. She was already partially distracted by theories. Unfortunately, she was unfamiliar with the current technology being used in the new Star Fleet ships. She finally felt herself return completely to the conversation in front of her. “I see. Well, I trust with enough hints a Vulcan should be able to figure it out.” She looked at the colorful mousse and smiled. Taking the dessert spoon she scooped a bit up. Noticing that Tarique was examining it, instead of taking a bite, she held her spoon up towards him. “Where I’m from it is customary to exchange gifts in accordance with forming a pact. Please feel the obligatory pressure to now take a bite.” She smiled widely as she moved the spoon a bit. Would he or wouldn’t he? I mean not much was known about where she came from or Trill customs, so he wouldn’t know it was a lie.

Marcus found no need to talk really It was a surprise for him. However, in a way he didn’t really fit in with the set dynamic. He did recognize that was just a matter of time, so he watched. That was until Rao fell into the water. Standing up he moved to offer his hand to grab as she moved out. “My lady.” At the mention of taking Que home he nodded his head. “It is a man’s job to escort his romantic interest home and as we are now a ‘couple’ I must follow through.” He picked up Rao in a princess carry. “Come, we will slowly return home so you can appreciate the view.” He turned to Que. “As you are Wells roommate I trust she has made sure you can get home.” He went to turn away when he paused for a moment. “Do remind her to be up for the training session with Sunsan and I tomorrow.” With that he walked away towards the long route home. The way that meant crossing through a park.

Que nodded her head. “I’ll pass on the message.” Dejected and seriously sinking into depression she turned towards the dorms. She would be taking the short way home to complain to Wells. Marcus was such an idiot.

Sunsan was hitting the bags in the training room. His frustration didn’t seem to calm down. “What does she see in such a species…They have nothing I can’t provide.” He was too focused on decimating the bag in front of him that he failed to notice the three academy students heading towards him. It was the cadets Jindar, Locke and Frag. A trio of cadets that held quite the narrow view on species and often vented their lack of standing out towards aggression towards others. Locke speaking up first. “I was right. It was Sunsan heading in.” Frag shook his head. “It could be an impostor. The virtuous Romulan representative would never be up so late.” Jindar cracking up laughing. “You’re right. It’s an impostor. Sunsan is never not by Marcus and Wells.” Sunsan leaned down to collect his water bottle. He had zero intention on stooping to a level beneath by engaging with such humanoids. As he went to walk away, Locke grabbed his shoulder. “Your 7 foot body guard and rottweiler aren’t here to protect you Romulan.” He felt the frustration in him grow to rage. How dare he talk about them like that. Sunsan narrowing his eyes. “I warn you now to step away.” Frag cracking up laughing. “Or what. You can’t do anything to us.” Jindar smiled. “No. He may do that creepy mind trick.” Sunsan wanted to laugh how dumb they were, but he was too angry. They confused him with a Vulcan! An inferior irritating species. “I would remind you that only a Vulcan would stoop to such tactics, but as you don’t have the ability to remember it I shall not.” Locke tightened his grip on his shoulder. “That mouth of yours is needs to stop talking.” Frag taking a step forward. “I’ll close it for him!” When he went to punch Sunsan he was surprised by the result. Sunsan raised his opposite arm to grab Locke’s wrist. Shifting to knock him off balance he easily threw him forward into Frag. When Jindar went to grab him he simply stepped out of the way and chopped him in the neck so he would pass out. Locke shouting, “Jindar!” Sunsan not even commenting as he turned around and walked away. Locke’s face pale as he ground his teeth. “I’ll get you for this you disgusting Romulan.”


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