Episode 19 – Un-compromised

Tarique stared at her spoon inquisitively, dark eyes raising to meet her eyes. He couldn’t be sure if she was still inebriated or not, but the odds weren’t in her favor. “As a pact is a formal agreement between individuals or parties; no pact has been formed.” He returned to appraising the dessert. “Therefore I will politely decline the…” He glanced back at her spoon, “Exchange, though I will accept the dessert.” Raising his own spoon he scooped a small bit of the mousse. The consistency proved to facilitate an interesting taste. “Is this dessert a linked to your human heritage?”

Rao tensed as her feet left the ground, reflexively locking her arms around his neck to peek down at the ground. “Whoa…” It really was different when the man was seven feet tall. She relaxed to rest her head on his chest. “See you tomorrow, guys.” A tired smile formed. Taking in the scenery around them she idly realized she’d never truly appreciated the park for it’s beauty. At least- not during a late night walk home. “This was a good idea.” She hummed until a sudden breeze slipped up her dress sending a chill down her spine. Rao curled closer against him. Her soaked locks felt like ice against pressed against her skin, but she ignored her occasional shivers to place soft kisses on his neck. “Sorry for getting you wet.” Guiding his head down she gave him a kiss which soon turned into many. With a smile against his lips she deepened the kiss for several moments before settling to murmured sweet things against his skin until her eyes grew heavy.

Garnett’s first instinct was to find an un-compromised path to the Academy, but felt a light hand on his arm. Zletka’s expression spoke for itself with her guiding him down the same path Que had taken. Awkward tension aside they still could not let her walk on her own. Even though Garnett was itching to at least attempt to lighten the atmosphere, neither in the pair dared break the silence. Instead Garnettt enjoyed such close contact with Zletka as strolled. Marcus’ words from earlier played over and over in his mind. -favorable results happen for those who are honest and upfront…It was easy to say that when everyone’s intoxicated. Not so much when you’ve definitely begun to sober up and you know for a fact the women you’re looking at is sober. He turned his attention back to the girl walking ahead of them. He had SO many questions- some of which he’d been able to work out by now and several more he hadn’t. Try as he might there was just no way to ensure everyone would have a good time…

Zletka waited until Que was inside her dorm building to release a soft sigh of relief. Every added step between herself and Que eased her mind from the wave of emotions the poor girl was emitting with such strength she wouldn’t be surprised if any one similar to her noticed. Keeping her hand on Garnett they walked to her building; Garnett walking to to the door as he did on many occasions.

“Well, I guess this is where I leave you.” Garnett smiled, leaning on edge of the door frame.

“Yes. Thank you for a lovely night.” Zletka took a step forward and kissed him on the cheek. “Goodnight.” With one last smile she disappeared into her room leaving a thoroughly untroubled Garnett.


Meal & Vulcan Mating Cycle

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