Episode 2 – Wells

Wells was walking with her head in a book as always. She was quite the fan of The military strategies of Klingon General Korrd. She was reviewing the book in preparation for the in class questions her teacher would no doubtly ask in Tactical Analysis.
Because she was the only one who was primarily on the Xenolinguistics track she had to work extra hard to stand out for the right reasons. The majority of them were dumb men who looked like building blocks. While, the few females tended to be very catty about their groups and positions.
“Wells, you do realize that last minute review is proven to not be committed to long term memory.”
She looked up to see one of her biggest rivals, Cadet Sunsan. A romulan male that reminded her more often of his Vulcan cousins by his argument style. He was also the only other Cadet to purse both the Xenolinguistics track and the tactical track. The two of them often switching back and forth between first and second. The sound of a slap on the back resounding.
“How many times do I have to remind you, you won’t beat her by being so obnoxious, Sunsan.”
It was his Capellan roommate, Cadet Marcus. Although, it would seem that they did not get along they were well known friends. The one thing Cadet Sunsan deserved recognition for was his ability to deal with Capellan blunt behavior.
“It’s fine, Marcus. His attempts at shaking me will not result in me achieving second to him.”
Marcus laughed and hit Wells on the back a few times.
“Bold as always.”
He turned back to his roommate.
“This is why the score is 32:17 in her favor. You need to be more courageous.”
Sunsan turned his head.
“There is nothing courageous about insanity, Marcus.”
Wells smiled at him.
“If I’m insane what does that make you? Desperate?”
Sunsan took a step towards her.
“Don’t forget in tactics the score is 41:28 in my favor.”
Wells shook her head.
“Then drop out of Xenolinguistics and stay in tactical.”
Sunsan went to take another step closer when Marcus stepped between the two of them.
“We have class, remember?”
As he said it the chimes rang. The three of them heading towards Tactical Analysis. Wells noting that Cadet Rao ran past them. Her thoughts on her was mixed. All reports on her was that she was a ghost, but a ghost who maintained a well sorted academic level. Was she just a slacker? The answer was hard to gather when she seemed to be a ghost in the social scene in which she often attempted to gather information. She could only sigh. Sunsan catching it and smiling.
“Nervous are you?”
Wells shook her head.
“I was just wondering what to do with the rest of my day after I beat you.”
He went to go forward when Marcus moved so he was standing in between the two. His arms around both their shoulders.
“Come on you two.”


Star Trek Xenolinguistics

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