Episode 20 – Marriage Bonds

At his excuse to not accept, Wells leaned back into the booth, taking a bite of her own mousse. It was delicious and decently similar. “There is the concept of an implied agreement that the majority of intellectual species are capable of understanding…” Wells looked up at him with a wicked smile on her face. “However, I seem to have forgotten that Vulcans do not do well with implications. Forgive me, next time I shall do it in a more officially way such as blood pacts or marriage bonds.” She looked between the dessert and him for a moment. “I was intending on approaching you at another time with my inquiries on the engineering flaws presented by Cadet Rao and did it now as a two for one deal. However, since I have just stated that you are not good at implications I should remind you. I am commonly known to be completely human. It is an established fact at the Academy.” Wells mulling it over for a moment. “But the answer would be no. My father lived on Trill my entire life. He actively engaged in Trill culture and so if we did have a link to certain human cultures we were not raised with such knowledge.” The waitress came back over. “How would you like to pay for your meal tonight?” Wells swiped her wrist band. “I’ve transferred the energy credits over.” The waitress nodded and smiled brightly. “Say, Wells what is your relationship with this man? He hasn’t been interested in my advances.” Wells mulled the thought over for a moment before smiling. “We were just discussing if marriage bonds would be needed. However, I do not think they will be needed so you are free to court him.” The waitress clapped her hands together. “Excellent.” She turned to Tarique and handed him a piece of paper with her number on it. “My name’s Mary, sweety. Do give me a call.” When she left, Wells couldn’t help, but giggle. She pointed to Mary and the young looking chef behind the window. “Mary and her brother Jacob were old versions of augments created for prostitution work. Although, they are freed from such service there exists certain biological functions within them.” She stood up and stretched. Wells offering her hand. “Shall we return to the Academy my new partner in crime?”

Marcus was carrying her quietly as they walked. He was happy she enjoyed the his choice in route. The park often reminded him of his home planet, Capella IV. They were a society that still enjoyed the nature of the planet and had not yet chosen to build up to this level. He could feel her shiver. Marcus putting her down for a moment to remove his top layer shirt. He pulled it over her and picked her back up again. “I can handle a little cold.” Marcus easily accepting her kisses. A small smile on his face when she fell asleep against him. He walked silently back towards the academy.

Que was vaguely aware that Garnett and Zletka were following her home. It was probably done out of curtesy for them drinking together, but at the moment she had no mind for it. Everything tonight was just such a disaster. She could not understand how the one night she chose to be brave and bold. To finally do what needed to be done, this would occur. This horrible unknown unappealing sort of girl would swoop in and steal her man. It was unfathomable. When she reached the dorms she turned around to wave Goodnight to the two following her. She opened the room to see it was empty. Susie Que throwing one of her pillows at Wells bed. “Where are you, idiot!” She sat down on her bed to sulk, grabbing the other pillow to squeeze. Tears flooded from her eyes.

Marcus finally arrived at Rao’s dorm. When the door opened and he saw Zletka he nodded silently, laying her down on her bed and tucking her in. He waved goodbye at her and returned to his own dorm. There he saw Sunsan fresh out of the shower. He didn’t seem pleased. Flopping on his own bed, he turned to his roommate. “I take it you did not enjoy the night.” Sunsan glared at him. “The beauty of Romulan ale was destroyed by the sight of Wells wondering off with that Vulcan.” Marcus smiled. Although, he knew this wasn’t enough to get his friend to realize anything he thought maybe this was finally a start. “Wells, huh.” Sunsan nodding as he rolled onto his bed. “Then I had to deal with Jindar, Locke and Frag in the gymnasium.” At the sound of that, Marcus sat back up. “What did those three do?” Sunsan waved his hand at him. “Relax, Marcus. I handled it.” Marcus looked at him seriously. “Sunsan, how many times have we been over this. When you say you handled things it always gets worse.” Sunsan rolled on his back away from him. “It’s handled. Just go to bed.” Marcus annoyed for a moment decided to end it on a little quip. “So, Wells’ type is a vulcan. Interesting.” Sunsan growled, but not turn around. Marcus could be a bother.


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