Episode 21 – So… Last Night?

Tarique did not offer much in reply. The task of engaging with an inebriated being rested somewhere just above an irritant with the added expense of practices equanimity. Whether she was attempging to rile him or not, he remained placid until she returned to the topic of conversation. “The matter of your ancestry will remain undisclosed.” While the two women chatted he resigned to stay silent. It was becoming apparent Wells would continue to say things with disregard to civility whether blatant or not. He accepted the paper though he did not read it. His gaze only briefly peered in the direction of the two augments. It seemed Earth’s admittance into the galaxy continued to have positive effects of varying magnitudes. “Yes. Thank you for the meal.” Electing not to take her hand he rose swiftly, his hands falling in their usual place behind his back. Once again he opened the door to guide her out into the cool air. “I would not consider us partners in crime; however.” He noted quietly. “Though we both broke regulation via the same means.” For the remainder of the walk he observed small creatures maneuvering in the darkness. The topography was so different with that on Vulcan, but still quiet aesthetically pleasing.

As soon as Marcus left his princess behind, Zletka plopped down on the edge of Rao’s bed and smacked her lightly on the face. “Come on. Wake up.” She tapped her a few more times until the woman groggily opened her eyes. “You haven’t completed your routine.”

“…Okay. Okay.” Rao slinked out of bed and into the bathroom. Zletka waited patiently as Rao fumbled with te door to get it properly closed, continuing to listen until the shower turned on.

Rao’s eyes opened to tiny slits, dark eyes peering around to see ungodly light streaming in through the window. Turning from the light she spotted Zletka sitting on the edge of her bed.

“Good morning.” Zletka’s positive voice earned a groan in response.

“What time is it?” Rao perched herself up.

“Nine-thirty.” Zletka replied.

“It’s only nine-thirty?!” Rao flopped back on the bed. “What’s the point of having a day off if we still wake up in the morning?”

“At least you finished your routine last night.” Zletka chimed in. Her eyes were focused on a data pad, her fingers manipulating the images.

“Hm…You’re right. Throwing the blanket off, she hopped out of bed. “I feel pretty goo- AH!” Rao winced, a hand gripping the bed to keep steady. Her fingers grazed over her side, her features scrunching slightly. “What happened?”

As if on cue, Zletka slowly spun around in her chair with a mischievous smile plastered on her features. “What do you remember?”

“Um.” Rao blinked a few times. “I definitely remember getting my ass handed to be the Chief.” She forced herself upright at the thought. “Then going to the party…” Stepping into the bathroom she attempted to get a better look at her bruise. “Dancing, drinking, and having a good time…Dancing with Marcus…Having ‘fun’ with Marcus…” A satisfied smile formed at the idea of fun.

Zletka noticed the sudden dip in conversation. “Anything else?”

Rao snapped back. “Oh.” She turned on the faucet to freshen up. “Um. Then we went to get food. Went by the fountain and I…” A small laugh escaped her, the girl stepping out of bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. “I fell in the fountain again, didn’t I?” The sight of Zletka’s face only served to confirm her theory. “Damn! Who won the bet this time?”

Zletka slowly raised her hand.

“You owe me half of that. I took a good beating for you.” Rao laughed, shaking her head as she went back in the bathroom.

Zletka rest her chin on her palm while pondering over how to further prod. “So you remember nothing else?”

“Nope. That’s about it.” Rao admitted with a shrug. When she returned to the room she was drying her face. “Did I miss anything important? Any fights?”


The Doctor Sings For Tuvok

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