Episode 22 – Saturday Rituals

Wells watched him rise without touching her hand. How cute, like a child. She walked through the door happily. “No? The phrase isn’t necessarily meant to point out the common bond of crime, but in a partnership or temporary joining of interests.” She too crossed her arms behind her back. “I did figure you would not admit to breaking regulations out loud, however.” She remained quiet the remainder of the walk. Wells found it interesting how he seemed to enjoy watching the minuscule things that moved around them. She steered him in the direction of her dorm. Just in case the rest of his manners were not cultivated. Wells turning to smile at him. She leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Well, now you have to accept being my partner in crime.” Wells chuckling as she skipped back into her room. She felt like she should have discovered this toy earlier. When she entered the room, Susie Que was passed out curled up as she did when she had a terrible night. “Shit.” She quickly ran into the shower. Wells could hear the voice in her head telling her to clean herself up. Once she was out of the shower, Rao threw on some comfortable pajamas and dashed into bed. Pulling as many blankets over her and covering her hands with fuzzy gloves for night she went to bed.

Marcus woke up at eight thirty. He didn’t require much sleep to power through a day. Taking a quick shower and dressing up a bit he ran towards Rao’s dorm. He made sure to pick up a nice note, a muffin, a cup of coffee, and a flower on the way. Marcus smiling for a moment. “This should be a wonderful gesture.” He headed away from the dorm to head back to his dorm to pick up a gym bag for training.

Sunsan woke up annoyed by the sound of the blaring alarm from his wristband. He looked around to see his room empty. “Marcus?” Sunsan never woke up to an empty room on the weekend. Marcus slept in and they left together. By the time he was out of the shower, Marcus finally returned. “Where were you?” Marcus leaning down to get his bag laughed. “Did you miss me?” Sunsan glared at him. “As if I would feel something, so base for you. It was just unusual.” Marcus smiled and threw his arm around him. “I understand….” He leaned closer. “I went to go see my lover.” Sunsan pushed him away. “Since when do you have a lover?” Marcus smiled. “Cadet Rao confessed her love for me last night.” Sunsan looked at him confused for a moment. “Rao.Rao.Rao….Ah, you mean the underachiever in the engineering major.” Marcus punched Sunsan’s arm and he fell onto the bed. “You can’t talk about her like that.” Sunsan raised an eyebrow in shock. “So it’s true then? You accepted her courtship.” Marcus offered his hand to Sunsan. He grabbed it and stood back up. “I did.” He could only shake his head. “I would comment on your poor selection, but I don’t want to invite a broken rib into my life.” Marcus clapped him on the back. “Sunsan, you’ve grown.”

Wells was standing in the middle of the gymnasium kicking one of the punching bag when she heard the two enter. “Wells, how was your night?” She turned around to see a happy Marcus.” Sunsan seemed annoyed. “I would assume it would be awful by her taste in company.” Marcus looked at her shocked. “You had proper company?” She walked over to the area that had her bag and water bottle. Wells taking a large sip. “Yes, I had a lovely dinner with Tarique from the engineering track.” Marcus cracked up laughing. “I think I have to agree with Sunsan. Vulcans don’t ever seem to make great company.” She simply shrugged. “He was able to provide some insight on a spotted engineering flaw. I plan to hear more later today.” Sunsan looked completely floored. “Your meeting him again!” Wells nodded. “I am.” Marcus shrugged. “Everyone has their own preference. Whether, we agree with it or not.” Wells and Sunsan had a matching expression of anguish. Wells speaking first. “What is wrong with you today?” Sunsan sighed. “He has acquired a lover.” She turned to look at Sunsan. “You mean the girl he was with last night?” Sunsan shrugged. “As if I would know.” Marcus clapped his hands and the two turned to look at him. “You two do remember I am standing here, correct?” They both nodded yes. He sighed and pulled them close. “Her name is Cadet Rao and she is beautiful.” Wells looked at him with interest. Rao? The girl that noticed the engineering hacks? What an opportunity! She pat his arm. “I approve, for now….” Sunsan looked at her in shock. “You approve!” Marcus picked up Wells in a hug and squeezed. “I knew you would be supportive.” Wells hitting his arm. “Let me go. I need to breathe!” Marcus dropped her to ground. “Sorry.” Sunsan grabbing Wells. “How could you approve of such an average cadet for him?” Wells sighed and flipped him over. “Doesn’t matter. I can have whatever reason I want.” Annoyed the two began their tussle. Marcus walking over to put his own bag down. A smile on his face. “Everything felt right in the world.”


Friday’s Child – Star Trek

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