Episode 23 – Morning Breakfast

Tarique stayed at her side until they were at the entrance of her dorm building. He stood still when she leaned forward, both brows raising when her lips pressed against his cheek. “I am uncertain on how this means I am obliged to accept.” The words seemed pointless; however, and he watched her skip away. If anyone had looked out of there windows they would have seen a Vulcan standing still for a quite a few moments before briskly walking in the opposite direction.

The door to Rao’s room opened several minutes later to reveal a tray with a cute breakfast display waiting. “Did you order room service?” Rao collected the tray to carry it back into the room. Setting it down on the bed she plopped down. “We’ve got a chocolate chip muffin, a cup of coffee, a flower, and a note.” Rao passed the cup of coffee to Zletka’s waiting hand before removing the muffin top. “What does the note say?” Zlekta asked perched atop her desk chair. “Um…” Rao opened up the note. “It’s from Marcus and it says: Goodmorning, Beautiful.” She flipped the note for Zletka to see. “How sweet.” Zletka commented between sips of her coffee. “Yeah…I guess the sex really was as good as I remember.” Rao’s shoulders rose, pulling a confident pose before erupting in laughter. “It’s definitely the first time I’ve ever been fed over it.” After finishing her muffin, Rao stood up. “I’m going for a swim. You coming?” Zletka waited until her coffee was finished to stand. “Sure. Let’s just take care of this first.” Placing the flower in the window she opened the window a bit for some breeze. “Okay.”

Arriving at the gymnasium a bit later, the girls slipped out of her gym wear and into their wetsuits. “Is it alrady at the right temperature?” Rao asked, making her way over to the pool. “Just a couple more minutes and it should be-” Zletka stopped short at sudden yelp from her friend. The Betazoid didn’t even need to look to know Rao had dipped her foot in. “Is it cool enough?” She asked, turning the dial a few degrees cooler. “Oh…yeah. Let’s go!” Rao took a running start, diving beneath the frigid water to begin taking laps. “Always one to jump in.” Zletka noted amusedly before diving in from the edge.

Some time later the two were relaxing in the heated pool near the windows giving way to a great view of the Academy and the San Francisco beyond. Their wetsuits discarded by a bench leaving them in casual swim wear. From the the corner of their eyes they could watch fellow cadets working out, though neither of them did. Instead Zletka sat on the end with her legs in while Rao was resting next to her, her body submerged with her head resting on her arms over the edge. “Have you considered any other reasons why he would have delivered breakfast?” Zlekta’s voice broke the tranquil silence. “Nope. Maybe it was a prank.” Rao’s eyes remained closed while her muscles relaxed. “Such a specific target.” Zlekta noted thoughtfully. “Mhm. We got a new flower to decorate AND breakfast though, so who’s the real winner?” Rao added.

Tarique rose the next morning to execute and simple, yet efficient morning routine that resulted in him leaving his form exactly twenty minutes later. Many Cadet were strewn around engaging in various leisure activities while he simply walked down a memorized trail off campus across the Golden Gate Bridge. In most cases he would employ a faster form of transportation to make the crossing, but on a day such as today he found it satisfactory to take his time. After an hour he arrived at a park in the midst of which stood a traditional zen garden void of visitors. Given the parks size it was not uncommon for most to pass by without realizing what laid inside the gates. This provided the excellent place to meditate- far enough from the city that even he could block out the bustling hum of the city.


Meditation (Star Trek) – Lex Benjamin

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