Episode 24 – Pool 1

Wells wristband went off. It was time for her next appointment. She moved from the matted floor to gather her things. Marcus looking at her curiously. “Where are you off to?” She took a sip of her water. “I have an appointment to get to today, and I first need to shower.” Sunsan sneered, his lips curling. “With that Vulcan.” Wells ignored him and attempted to pat Marcus’ shoulder. “See you later.” He waved her off and turned back to Sunsan. “Would you like to go for a swim?” Sunsan pondered it for a moment. “It has been awhile since I’ve enjoyed a swim.” Marcus laughed. “I will take that as a yes.”

Wells entered her dorm and dropped her gym stuff off on her bed. The sound of footsteps coming from the bathroom was a clear indicator she had not managed to escape Susie Que. The girl rushing out of the bathroom in a towel only. “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you.” Wells did her best to swallow the annoyance down. “I couldn’t possibly imagine why.” Susie Que running to her for a hug. Wells sighing as her friend squeezed her. “It was just awful! I mean the second I was going to tell him this girl swooped in and got in my way, and….AND NOW THEY’RE DATING.” It was at this moment Wells wished she had a different roommate. Susie Que had been obsessed with Marcus since year one. In all of that time she had never taken her advice to be honest and open as the culture demanded. It made perfect sense Marcus’ disinterest in her. However, the girl was too concerned about her own feelings to notice. Though, her own lack of realization of Marcus’ true interest in Rao was a failure on her end. At least she was aware of the sexual interest unlike Sunsan, his roommate. Wells stiffly patted her on the head. “I’m sure it was a tragedy…Why don’t we do something later to get over it.” Susie Que looked up at her like a sad puppy. “Can’t you just stay with me all day?” Wells shook her head no. “I have one more mandatory meeting today, but when it is over I will come back.” She still looked like a puppy. “Promise you will come back, right away!” Wells nodded her head. “I promise.” Susie Que smiled. It was sad for her that unlike Marcus, she was fully capable of lying. Wells walking away to hit the shower.

Marcus and Sunsan slowly entered the pool. From where they entered they could see two female forms. There backs turned to them. Sunsan immediately noticed that one was Rao. However, if Marcus himself didn’t notice then there was no need to mention it. Sadly for everyone, Marcus did notice. “RAO!” He began to swim over, abandoning Sunsan. It didn’t take long for the seven foot giant to reach her. “What are you doing here?” He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. “Did you enjoy breakfast?” Marcus turning to Zletka. “Good Morning, Zletka.” Sunsan finally arriving reluctantly to them. He looked at Rao. “To think Marcus has accepted you as his lover.” Marcus dunking him under the water. Sunsan struggling for a bit before coming up coughing. “I already told you to be nice.” When he was done coughing, he glared at him. “Do you actually think my comment warranted drowning.” Marcus nodded his head. “Absolutely. As consideration for our friendship I didn’t go through with it.” Marcus smiling at Rao. “Did you get enough sleep?”

Wells found herself arriving at a meditation garden. When she saw that her appointment was in the middle of meditating she elected to wait outside and read a book. Around the time he started to walk out she ran to get coffee and tea. When he exited the garden she appeared. Wells holding both out. “Coffee or tea?” She looked him up and down. “I was wondering if you suddenly had reached an enlightenment.” Wells smiling at him.”I’ve also come for another reason…”


Deanna Troi Kicking Romulan Ass

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