Episode 25 – Pool 2

Zletka leaning back on her hands, easily spotting an unmistakable Marcus and Sunsan from the far end of the pool. “I suppose you are.” She replied Rao’s question, a devilish smile pulling at the corner of her lips. “Yep…” Rao’s voice trailed off, eyes closing once more only to snap open at the sound of someone yelling her name. Surprise and confusion splayed across her features when she realized who was making his way over. “I’m uh- swimming.” She shrugged, accepting the kiss with a brief smile. “And yes, it was lovely. I LOVE chocolate chip muffins.” Glancing over at Zletka she shot her a questioning look for help. Zletka merely smiled. “Good morning. The coffee was delightful.” Zletka’s gaze flickered between Sunsan and Rao, watching her friend’s reaction to the news.

It was as if Rao had been hit by wave of confusion with the light stinging reminder of how many elites of the Academy viewed her. One was a lost cause, but the other…DID HE JUST SAY LOVERS?! As far as she was aware, lovers generally meant two people who had sex which she had and Marcus has definitely done…quite a few times now. The only problem? Marcus was a beacon of ‘literal’ meaning and since even Sunsan had said it…Did that mean…? Looking up to question him she couldn’t help but smile when Marcus smiled at her like that. “I did, yeah. Thanks for the breakfast.” The light brush of Zletka’s leg against her side snapped her back into reality. “But um- he said I was your lover?” Pointing to his friend her brows knit together. “Last I checked lovers were usually sexual partners.”

Zletka’s plan to stay by Rao’s side until this came to a head had actually paid off rather early. Her friends confusion was hard to miss and proved even more difficult to not enjoy. Compared to the girl who had been ranting at the bar it was almost as if looking at a different person. Well, the inability to beat around the bush was definitely still there, but seeing how she’d faltered and warmed when he smiled at her had been endearing. Turning her attention to Sunsan she only let her gaze rest on him for a moment before returning to the reveal. Rao seemed perplexed in her attempt to weigh the options of him meaning lovers in a sexual capacity or something more. Zletka reveled in Rao struggling with her secret desire for the later.

Tarique’s meditation had been quite rewarding in helping him come to certain conclusions. The sense of calm was dampened by the sudden appearance of Cadet Wells. There were quite a few probable reasons as to why they would cross paths on a day such as this. None were sufficient in easing his tension. “I will accept tea.” He agreed, gingerly taking it from her grasp. “Not in regards to your specific query, no.” It wasn’t logical to wait when he knew what she was referring to. Or perhaps not if she had come for a differing reason. “What is the reason?” He asked, unsure if it would also be related one of the other things connected to Rao or perhaps an another sector in the Academy. Raising the cup he took a customary sip. “Thank you for the tea.” If his schedule had not been interrupted he would have already started his walk and yet at the moment he felt compelled to finish this conversation as quickly and covertly as time would allow them.


Metamorphosis – Kirk

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