Episode 26 – Pool 3

Marcus was busy with his arms around Rao when he heard her concern. He seemed heavily concerned himself. “On my planet, we only use the term lovers unless the two are married. I did not mean to say that we were only sexual partners.” Sunsan smiled. “But wouldn’t that distinction be best for everyone?” Marcus reached one of his hands out towards him. Sunsan retreating quickly and knocking into Zletka. “It was just a point considering her statement.” Marcus pulled his hand back and squeezed her close. “An intolerable and incorrect point. As of yesterday, we are…” He turned to look at her slightly confused. “Dating is the right term on Terran?” Sunsan moved away from Zletka groaning. “In any case, getting into an agreement while you lower life forms cannot handle our splendid Romulan Ale doesn’t seem to be that binding. You should go your separate ways.” Marcus jumped forward and Sunsan retreated behind Zletka. It was the only safe place from the seven foot giant. “Come here.” Sunsan shook his head no. “I prefer to remain behind the betazoid.” Marcus sighing. “Piss poor Romulan ale or not, there is nothing to be considered when both parties have the same feelings.” A large smile appearing on his face. “But that would be a concept you can’t currently understand.” Sunsan stepped from behind Zletka enrage. “There doesn’t exist a concept I cannot understand!” Marcus taking the opportunity pounced. The two playing like kittens in the water.

Wells took a sip of the coffee when he grabbed the tea. “I see. You mentioned acquiring insight next time you talk to Rao, but as I don’t know how frequent you to talk I thought to check in.” She smiled at him. “Besides, it seems I may need to wield a prod in order to find you willing to participate in a proper agreement.” She strolled along next to him drinking her coffee. “As for another reason, I may have simplified it a bit. I should have implied there are multiple reasons in which I thought to seek you out. However, a few of them would require us being capable to work together before I even ask.” Wells pointing to a bench for them to sit. She walked ahead to sit down first. Wells enjoyed the fresh air and nature. “I suppose the first request is the simplest. The head of Vulcan studies, Savok, approached me in adding a mandatory extra lesson on Vulcan script to the younger cadets.” Wells couldn’t help but sigh. “Not only do I find myself in the position of leading one on Romulan and the occasional one on Klingon, I now am being asked to explain a script that is generally a difficult challenge for humans to comprehend.” She took another sip of her coffee. “Savok has given me permission to bring in a teaching aid or assistant. Besides Sunsan, no one in our department has a keen understanding of all three scripts of Vulcan. I myself don’t even have the best clarity between the three. The Academy just finds him to problematic to be tasked with instruction.” She could only sigh. “The only other Vulcan I have talked to at the Academy who was not an instructor or lecturer happens to be you.” Wells taking another sip of coffee. “The group will meet on Wednesdays at 5 and if you are free some days to act as a teaching assistant or guest it would be helpful to the younger cadets.” She turned to look at him finally. “The second, or should I say third reason, is a much simpler request. I need to find someone who can actually play the lute for a dinner with one of the ambassadors. Savok will not be on Terran during his visit and has left me to plan the event for the delegation meeting. It is what he calls ‘the perfect test of one’s abilities’.” Wells finished her coffee and threw it away in the garbage bin. She turned to look at him waiting for a response.


Vulcan Language Phrases

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