Episode 28 – Pool 5

Wells listened to her response. She did her best to bite down a tsk and simply smiled. Her toy was not cooperating. “I see. I would be grateful for the introduction to T’ras. The students will enjoy a proper cultural introduction. Sadly, I feel like she will not enjoy it as much.” Wells seemed to pause for a moment. The mention of sending details was something that indicated his lack of desire to converse with her. It made one part of her excited by the challenge and one part of her annoyed. However, if she was to win this game she must not push for a bit. “I will send you the details later tonight.” She stood up. “I suppose getting a verbal agreement for you to share the information you receive from Rao will be a challenge for another day.” Wells started to walk away when she turned around for a moment. “There’s a Vulcan friendly vegetarian place in the Castro district. It is called the Vulcan’t Cafe. It’s the only grey building in the area. You won’t miss it.” She flashed him one more smile before walking away. “Just in case you get tired of finding ways to enjoy the cafeteria food.” Wells walking away to join Marcus and Sunsan for lunch.

Marcus and Sunsan had finally finished their play fighting when they caught the tale end of the girls attempted invites. Marcus smiling widely. “Sure. I will go.” Sunsan looked at him shocked. “But we have lunch plans.” Marcus turned to look at him. “It’s the same plans every Saturday. She won’t mind.” Sunsan’s mouth almost dropped open. “Are we talking about the same Wells?” Marcus closed his mouth. “Wells will understand me going to lunch with my… the word was Datee right?” Sunsan shook his head and shouted. “No, it is not!” Marcus only sighed. “If you are that concerned about Wells that you can go with out me.” Sunsan looked absolutely speechless. “Me! Choosing to spend time with Wells! Have you gone mad?” He waded closer to him and started examining his body. “Is there perhaps some sort of chemical imbalance or physical malfunction that is causing this strange behavior?” Marcus only pushed him away from him. “You will go to Wells and tell her I can’t make it.” Sunsan coughed for a moment from water entering his lungs before answering. “If I am to deliver a message to that wicked she-insect then you must owe me.” Marcus looked so disappointed in his friend. “I would spend the time to say how stupid that was, but I know you won’t give in. Just go already.” Sunsan nodded his head and ignoring the other two left the pool. Marcus turning to the girls. “Where are we going?”

Susie Que was just finishing watching the current episode of the drama, “The Orion Slave master and His Human Lover”. She often fought Wells that is was better than it sounded. Speaking of Wells, she never mentioned how long this official appointment would be! What was she supposed to do until then! She decided to change and go out for a nice change of pace… Today, she just didn’t want to think about Marcus.


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