Episode 30 – Pool 7

Marcus and Sunsan were starting to banter again when the two girls got out of the pool. Nothing was really wrong until Cadet Lowell entered. Sunsan trying to keep Marcus’ attention on him. However, it was hard to keep the entire seven feet focused on him when it basically permeated into so much. Marcus turning to see a guy getting touchy with his girl. When the two girls disappeared, Marcus was out of the water. Sunsan hurrying to catch up with him. Marcus putting his hand in from of Cadet Lowell and his company so they had to top walking. He narrowed his eyes at him. “As of last night, Rao and I are dating. If you want to keep your hands I suggest you keep them off of my woman.” Sunsan looked back and forth between Marcus and the humans. He couldn’t help, but sigh. Who was Rao to illicit such a response? She was a nobody from a colony of nobodies. “Marcus, there is no need to be so polite with ants. Let us go.” Marcus didn’t move from his spot. His attention still on the Lowell. Sunsan scanning the group of cadets up and down. “I suggest if you wish to keep your body parts you agree to keep your hands off. I will not stop him from removing them.” Sunsan looking at them. If both of them were looking at them surely they would receive an adequate response.

Wells was walking back from the park when she decided to head to a popular food stall that engineering students eat at. Standing by it was a ferengi cadet enjoying a pita sandwich. When he saw Wells, he waved. “Wells!” She smiled as she walked up to him. ” Nip, I have something for you.” Nip looked at her excited. “What did you get me?” Wells smiled. “Something you can sell.” He looked a little disappointed. “Wells, how many times do I have to tell you. I cam to Star Fleet so I wouldn’t have to just sell things. I want to try other work.” She leaned down and put her arm around him. “But I’m talking massive energy credits, Nip.” He looked at her confused. “If it’s that big what do you need me for?” She smiled at him. “Why how can I make such a great profit when I have such a poor network?” He nodded his head in understanding. “That does sound like a dilemma. To compare yourself to our services is silly to begin with. We are the best merchants. I myself- HEY. I know what you are doing!” She looked at him taken aback. “Me? What am I doing? I’m simply trying to profit with a friend.” Nip edged his way out from her and began pacing back and forth debating whether or not he should relapse his ways. Finally, he turned back around. “Can you give me a hint on what this is information is about?” Wells smiled. She had caught the fish. “I can give you some free information. Cadet Rao and Cadet Marcus are officially dating. And Marcus is willing to fight off any challengers for her hand.” The ferengi looked at her shocked. “You mean…You mean to say THAT Rao is dating THAT DESPICABLE CAPALLEN.” Wells nodded her head. “That’s not even the best information on your fav- on Rao.” Nip marched up right to her and stuck out his hand. “We have a deal.” Wells smiled. “Excellent, I will simply take only 20% of the profit, so my friend and his family can benefit.” Nip smiled widely. “You really are the best business partner a ferengi could ask for!” She chuckled a bit and crouched down. “Cadet Rao got called in by the Chief Engineer of the new Star Fleet Ships. They say she submitted plans that exposed the Chief’s critical design flaws.” Nip looked at her shocked. “Who did you get this from!” Wells shushed him a bit so he would lower his voice. “That vulcan in the engineering department witnessed the whole thing. Apparently, it was some sort of structural issue with the nacelles.” Nip looked completely smitten. “I told you Rao was an outstanding female!” Wells sighed before continuing. “i have almost uncovered what the structural error was, but you should be able to sell that information to quite a few buyers in the city.” He nodded his head. “If I go to my brother he will certainly be able to sell the information across Terran!” Wells smiled at him. “Good. Just don’t tell your brother the cadet’s name. You know he has a big mouth and he may get Rao in trouble.” The Ferengi nodded his head. “You’re right. I should shut my mouth.” Wells stood up. “It was lovely seeing you, Nip.” He smiled up at her. “It was lovely seeing you, Wells.”
The two separating by walking in opposite directions. Wells heading to meet up with Marcus and Sunsan for lunch.


Ferengi First Appearance

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