Episode 31 – Pool 8

Lowell stood at six feet and four inches in height; something which left him relatively unintimidated though proved irrelevant when a seven foot Capellan was blocking your path. “Tch.” A cocky grin formed at Marcus’ declaration. “Dating? Your woman?” He repeated the phrases with a laugh. The laugh soon died however when he realized the serious intent. Lowell’s expression shifted from amusement to bewildered vexation. “No need to get testy. Last I checked, Cadet Rao can handle herself. The same way she handled you apparently.” The man sneered.

“It’s nice to see your hair down outside of a club.” Zletka remarked, her fingers reaching out to caress her friends curls. As someone who also wore their hair up regularly, she understood the convenience though unlike Rao she had never cut her hair so short. “I figured it’d add some insulation.” Rao slipped on a pair of sunglasses. “Who would of thought he’d take longer to get ready than us?” Zletka nodded. “Perhaps he’s allowing you more time to decide where you plan to take us?” Turning her head she smiled at her human friend. Rao huffed, unable to deny her friend’s probing. “I’m torn. It’s either ice skating or the zero gravity training grounds and you wore a dress.” Rao pointed out. “Then I guess your mind’s been made.” Zletka mused.

Tarique arrived at the restaurant to find few Vulcan’s actually in attendance- though it did not come as a surprise. Even with the Vulcan Embassy located in the same city, most elected to stay on the grounds. His arrival was met with an interesting optimism as he was guided to a solitary booth. It seemed to be fitted for noise cancellation allowing him privacy to enjoy Plomeek soup. He would remind himself to thank Cadet Wells for the satisfactory recommendation.


Betazoid Sex Drive – Star Trek

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