Episode 32 – Pool Conclusion

At the low rank failure’s comment Marcus lost his composure. He swung with his fist at Lowell’s face. Lucky for the bastard, Sunsan stepped forward to block it. “I’m afraid I can’t let you be kicked out for the murder of a fellow cadet.” Without turning around he side kicked Lowell in the stomach so he went flying back. Sunsan grabbing Marcus’ wrist so he was twisted into one of the guys next to Lowell, knocking the lad onto the floor. Sunsan letting go of Marcus and blocking and then side sweeping another one of the guys. The last guy Sunsan walked forward to, blocked, and then flipped him over him onto the ground, dislocating his shoulder in the process. Marcus standing their frustrated. “It is my job to defend my honor!” Sunsan looked at him frustrated. “Not when I have diplomatic immunity.” Marcus growled and walked over to Lowell. Picking him up by his shirt cuff he held the poor bastard by his collar. “Next time you say something vulgar about me or Rao I will not let Sunsan be the one to deal with you.” He used his superior strength to throw him back into the wall. It caused cracks in the wall. Sunsan sighing. “Don’t you have an engagement to get ready for?” Taking a deep breath, Marcus nodded. “I’ll head in first.” Sunsan waved him off and turned back to the guys. “Do remember you pathetic lifeforms that if you stray to far you doom your federation to the wrath of the Romulan Empire.” Sunsan stepping on the legs of one of the guys on the ground, breaking his bone. “And we do not place nice with savages.” He turned away from them and walked off to get a shower of his own. Whatever happened after they had Wells to talk their way out of it. That was what she was for.

Susie Que walked along the street stores. In her hand was a small backpack that she used to carry her shopping goods when she was stressed. A small sigh escaped her lips. “This isn’t helping.” She looked up at the sky, a frown on her face. “Nothing can help me.”

Wells sat waiting by their meetup spot at the garden area of the Academy. Since she had waited long enough she messaged all the information over to Tarique. Most importantly, she messaged over that he needed to be available Monday from 6pm to 10pm. If he wasn’t leaving for winter break there shouldn’t be a problem. Wells was hoping he would send the information she needed in a speedy manor. She pulled out one of her data pads to pull up T’ras student file. Looking over it she seemed decent enough for a Vulcan one did not know. She also scrolled through Rao’s student folder. There was completely nothing interesting about it. Yet, suddenly this nothing interesting was swarming around her with a whole lot of interesting. It was peculiar. She put the data pad away and pulled out a book. Wells got comfortable as she waited.

Marcus stepped out of the gymnasium. He was clad in a tight black body cover that went from his neck down, but exposed his hands. Over it was a pale green linen shirt and a darker green jacket. His pants a dark washed jean Wells insisted he buy to ‘balance’ his natural tendencies towards color. Although, he did not have a full face suit, his blonde hair was in a traditional top know style and his boots a matching yellow. Seeing Rao finally made him calm down. A smile appearing on his face. Sunsan saw the duo and did not have a smile on his face. He was wearing a lightly squared shoulder black tunic top with a light geometrical pattern. Beneath it he also wore dark washed jeans in an attempt to find a cultural exchange of styles. Hanging from his jeans were heavy metal chains that varied in style. Some were even spiked. They were attached to a metal belt he had that was in traditional Romulan style. His shoes a classic black combat boot with a steel toyed tip. It was the best cultural exchange compromise he could make. Even wearing this much of Terran attire felt completely wrong. Just liked the pairing of Marcus and Rao. He turned to Marcus. “I will excuse my self now.” He ignored the other two and walked away. Marcus smiling widely at Rao. “So, let’s try this adventure you are leading me on.”


Drill Fight – Star Trek (2009)

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