Episode 33 – Cadet Gotobed

Cadet Gotobed was strolling through the gardens with his face in a pad when he noticed her. It was Wells. THE Cadet Wells. He stopped behind a tree, peeking out to see she was glued to the pad in her hand- just like he’d been! He needed to do it. It had been a year. No- sixteen months? It had all started when he attended one of her tutoring sessions. She was so poised and…severe even. It reminded him of one of those teachers that were fantasized about. Well, some people. Not that he was saying he was one of them! “Come on. Come on. You can do this.” He muttered taking a deep breath. He stepped out from behind the tree and straightened up, making a beeline straight towards her. He was going to do it. He was going to do it! “Excuse-” The sight of Sunsan in his peripheral almost stopped him dead in his tracks. SHIT! Panic stricken he forced his eyes down and kept walking as fast he could straight past her and out of the garden. Another day… Another day.

The sight of Marcus and his sullen friend caught Zletka’s eye far before it caught Rao’s. Rao donned a pair of sunglasses, blind to the arrivals until she was suddenly cast in the shade. “Oh!” She jumped a bit before looking at Sunsan. “Okay. B-” Rao stopped short at how quickly Sunsan departed. Zletka watched the Romulan quietly, ebony hues following his figure across the grounds. “Aaalright then.” Rao tilted her head up at Marcus, “It’s actually going to be two adventures…” Her eyes dropped to take in his attire, “you should be good for both.” She decided easily. “Let’s go.” With a nod in Zletka’s direction she took his arm and started towards cable car platform. “What took you so long?”

Garnett was waiting for them on the platform when they finally arrived. “Hey!” Trotting over he was visibly taken aback by Marcus. “Long time no see.” He joked, giving him a pat on the shoulder. “We’ll finally have proper pairs!” The cable cars were filled with people though a pocket of space seemed to have been created for the seven foot man attempting to squeeze in. Unable to reach any of the straps, Rao settled for Marcus’ arm. “So how do you want to do pairs then?” She asked, already having an idea of the answer. “Why not guys verses gals?” Garnett shrugged. “Oh you mean having the two tactical guys go up against medical and an engineer?” Rao asked, “Nice try.” Her expression fell flat. “I’ll be taking Marcus.” Leaning against him she pulled a face at Garnett. “Fine.” Garnett shrugged, “I guess that leaves Zletka with me…good luck.” A content smile formed, his hand resting a few inches away from his partners side to shield her from a stranger bumping against her. “How’d they manage to rope you into this, Marcus?” When Garnett saw Rao’s sheepish expression he looked between the two girls. “Did you guys not tell him where we’re going?”

“It’s a surprise.” Zletka chimed in, looking over her shoulder to give Garnett a smile. “You know something I don’t know.” Garnett whispered, clearly suspicious. Zletka simply faced ahead to watch.

They arrived at their stop sometime later, Rao paying no mind to the stares cast in their direction as they stepped out onto the pathway. A short ways down stood a six story blacked out building. A Banean female stood behind the counter with an array of guns and light body armour behind her. “Hello. I see our regulars are back.” Her eyes washed over the four, tilting up at the Capellan. “And you brought a fourth.” A few key strokes on the screen and she waited for everyone to swipe their wrist bands. “Since there are four you can either split into two teams or stay one unit.” A flash of two fingers from Garnett earned another key stroke. “When you enter game play you will feel the gravity levels diminish. For each level you climb the gravity will lessen. At the top level there is zero gravity.” She stepped from around the counter. “You will enter the changing rooms for these jumpsuits which have sensors. Everyone else in the game will have similar suits. A successful shot earns points which vary depending on where the wearer is hit.” Taking two pairs of suits down from the wall she paused to swap out one for a larger size to hand them out. “The round will last one hour. The goal is to earn as many points as possible. The prize is one hundred energy credits. You can take as many phasers as you can fit to your suit. They are waiting in the changing rooms.” Leading them down a hall she stopped in front of two empty changing rooms. “When you are done changing you will press the red button and it will transfer you to the first level. Enjoy your game play.”

“See you on the other side.” Garnett winked, disappearing with Zletka in the first changing room. As soon as the door closed he popped the question, “So…?” He trailed off. “They’re on a date.” Zletka answered. “Oh…….OH!” He whipped his head in the direction of the other changing room. Zletka tried not to laugh, turning so he could help zip her. “Alrighty then.” Garnett let his hand trail up the curve of her back as he closed her suit. “You’re surprised.” Zletka spoke while looking through the weapons at their disposal. “A bit.” Garnett admitted, accepting the weapons she handed over to attach them to his suit. “It normally doesn’t last past the party.” He added while moving behind Zletka to put two larger phasers on her back. “Sometimes it’s nice to have a change of pace, isn’t it?” Zletka moved seamlessly around Garnett to finishing zipping him up and making sure he was properly stocked. “It is.” Garnett smiled. “Time to beat their asses.”

Rao wasted no time. The moment they were safe in the changing room she began tying her hair up. “Okay, so Garnett thinks he’s got this in the bag and that’s not about to happen.” Stripping out of her clothes she folded them into a pile and placed them in a coded locker. “It’s been a while since we’ve done this, but he’s always changing tactics.” Rao rolled her eyes while slipping into her suit. “I think-” She attempted to free the leg from her foot. “I think-” Gripping the suit she began to bounce up and down until the suit was safely over her butt. “Okay.” A breathless laugh escaped her. “Sorry about that.”


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