Episode 34 – How Rumors Spread

Sunsan arrived at the garden. As usual, Wells was already there waiting for them. Her head stuck in a book. However, unlike usual Marcus was not by his side. He approached her slowly. It was his experience when dealing with these wild creatures to give them warning or else they may begin their savagery. Their innate instincts made them very untrustworthy. Wells looked up from her book. “Where is Marcus?” Sunsan sat down next to her and sighed. “He has been captured by that lover of his.” She closed her book with a loud thwamp sound. “You mean to say Marcus is not showing up to our weekly arrangement because of some idle whim?” He nodded his head. “Precisely.” Wells stood up. “Perhaps, he has finally started assimilating into life on this planet.” Sunsan stood up as well. “Assimilation is the destruction of individual culture.” She began walking towards where they normally eat. “An interesting point raised from someone as obtuse as you. A point I can happen to agree with.” He rolled his eyes at her as he followed besides her. “The amount of times you make me say I am always right has become too much don’t you think?” Wells ignored him. “Speaking of Cadet Rao have you heard of her meeting with the Chief Engineer of the new Star Fleet Ships?” Sunsan stopped walking for a moment. “No. I had not.” He continued walking to catch up with her. “What could you of heard that I did not.” Wells smiled. “She has appeared to note a design flaw.” Sunsan looked absolutely shocked. “A design flaw? Spotted by the likes of her?” She nodded her head. “Yes, it seems her practical application is far superior to her academic chops.” He narrowed his eyes at her. “Why tell me this information?” Wells shrugged. “I do not think I’ve disclosed any important information. However, I hear Nip has more information.” Sunsan groaned. “For a price no doubt.” She nodded her head. “As is the customs of the Ferengi and their life of acquisition.” He pondered it for a moment. “It would make an excellent gift to my parents.” Wells nodded her head. “It would. The Ambassador of the Romulan Empire would love such information.” He sighed. “I must admit your ability to get information from ferengi for free is something of worth note.” She shrugged. “I would not say it is for free. I’d say to find something they perceive as more valuable.” Sunsan seemed to think for himself for a moment. “What did you offer that was more valuable?” Wells smiled. “Nip happens to have a particular fondness for Cadet Rao’s dating life.” He smiled at her. “Perhaps, there is hope to separate her from Marcus.” She chuckled a bit. “A simple joke even for you.” Sunsan nodded his head. “You are right. If she has latched on to a catch such as Marcus she would not separate for one of those silly creatures.” The two heading towards the city to eat. Wells taking him to one of the lunch cafes that played jazz. “Is it not time to tell me why you were the Vulcan today?” She smirked for a moment, but decided to tell a partial truth. It was best to have Sunsan out of her business. “I have been appointed by Professor Savok to oversee the Vulcan Ambassador meeting since he will be off planet.” He nodded his head. “I see. Making a Vulcan do the work for you is a wonderful idea.” Wells nodded her head. “Something like that.”

Marcus nodded his head and followed her to the cable car. There was nothing to be said about Sunsan’s manners as that was polite for him. As for capability, it was clearly he was suited for most things. When Garnett joined him he got excited. Garnett was such an enjoyable individual. “Proper pairs. That has nice ring to it.” He listened to how they wanted to divide it before smiling and pulling Rao closer to him. “I will happily comply.” At the question of how he was roped in he looked a bit confused. “There was no rope involved? I simply accepted to spend time with my…” He looked at her for a moment. “Is there a specific way you want to be addressed? You did not seem to like lover?” Marcus turning away for a moment. “I don’t mind surprises.”

Marcus enjoyed the surprise of where he was taken. Sunsan, Wells and him had been multiple times. The only con of the place was that they only allowed phasers and he would receive a perfect score if he was allowed to use knives. Marcus nodded at the lady, who for some reason made it seem as if he was not known, and then followed Rao into the changing rooms. He had to admit that one of the pros of this place was that they actually carried suits that could fit him and he could now enjoy Rao’s frame as she changed into clothes suitable. When she turned around again to continue he smiply smiled. “There is no probably. Garnett may be better than me with a phaser, but as for tactical missions such as this both my height and senses give me an edge. He stripped off his shirt to reveal his well toned chest and arms. Marcus quickly stepping out of the rest of his attire to fold them up and put it into a locker. He changed quickly into the gear. “In your turns, we can whip his ass.” Marcus leaning down to give her a kiss on the forhead. “For the beginning levels why not fool him by having you around my frame and snipping. When they get comfortable with that we can change. If you frequent this place I’m sure you are comfortable with the layout and can dodge quite well. Besides, as we get close to the top it will be more beneficial for you to have the freedom to move and then just use me as ways to move within the lack of gravity.” Marcus readjusting the armor pieces over his suit. They did not adequately fit him. “We must win. Garnett will be too smug in tactical if we don’t.” He pulled her into a hug. “Besides, what sort of Capellan male would I be if I cannot protect my lover from something simple like this?”


Star Trek Beyond Ending

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