Episode 35 – The Game Pt. 1

Rao busied herself with the varied selection of phasers, plucking her favorites to slide in her holsters. “Whip his ass?” She questioned, a small titter escaping her. Slipping a smaller phaser down her bust she zipped up the front before stepping onto the bench. Without her boots she felt like a hobbit standing next to one the high elves. “That works. Usually we’re all solo so he won’t know what to expect now that I have a partner.” She smirked, snaking her arms around his neck to help fasten the armor against his frame. “Who are you telling? The last time he won he brought it up every day for three weeks.” Her fingers stilled at the mention of lover. Smiling down at him she silently thanked herself for not being scared of heights before kissing pressing her lips against his. “You might be surprised at who’s doing the protecting.” She teased with another kiss. Once the red button was pressed she crouched down on the platform, waiting for it to raise to the first level.

The first level was dark with a dense fog obscuring objects in the distance. Rao checked their immediate left and right. There was no one. Garnett and Zletka must have been released in a different area on this level. Following his tactical advice she stayed close to him, holding a phaser close. When she noticed a red dot on his suit she immediately snipped the player, a smile forming when she heard a curse in the distance. “Gotcha.” Picking up her pace she attempted to hurry towards the entrace for the next level when Garnett suddenly appeared atop a set of large blocks. He wasted no time in descending to intercept her. Rao tore the large phaser from her back, sliding to the ground to gain a few extra meters. Garnett landed just as Rao laid flat, tilting her head back to aim her gun straight at him. The trigger was released without a moment’s hesitation. Rao barely had time to sit up when she saw Zletka pointing a phaser right at her. She quickly rolled to the side. Garnett took the shot from Rao. Divide to then conquer was the strategy they had drummed up with him volunteering as bait. Raising his gun to shoot at Garnett he let out a grunt when Rao swiped his leg, still s shot off before hitting the ground. Rao stood, her vision of Marcus and a smirking Garnett blocked as the room rearranged itself to place her in a dead end corridor. “Bastard.” Looking down the corridor she squinted her eyes, crouching down to fire at someone who’d followed her voice. Her firing didn’t stop until she was well past the individual to continue on her quest to the next level.


Star Trek Holodeck

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