Episode 36 – The Game Pt. 2

Marcus was generally still as she adjusted his armor. When she was done he donned his own phasers in multiple location. Copying his lover, Marcus posed ready for the game to begin. He smirked at her comment. “Please, show me what you can do.”
The first level was something he didn’t even need to think about. He had it memorized. Marcus moving forward in the optimal route for success. It was clear by her snipping skills that she possessed skills that should not be underestimated. Everything was going relatively smooth until the red light centered near his chest. On instinct he knew it was Garnett. What did he have planned? When he heard Rao mumble and then rush forward he realized this wasn’t about him. They were aiming at Rao. His instincts kicked in immediately and he jumped to the highest block he could to cover her from above. Marcus cursing as he watched the exchange between Rao and Garnett. He couldn’t fire without possibly hitting his girl by how they were moving. All he could was snipe the other players around them and in the back of his head note her skills. When Zletka aim to fire he shot off a few rounds at her so she would be forced to evade away from the situation. He kept his eyes on Garnett and Rao. Irritation for the bastard separating them on level one. When the blocks began to rearrange he jumped from the block he was on to the lowest block of level two. He reached down to grab Rao’s hand pulled her up immediately behind him. “Round two.” Marcus gave her a look and grabbed both her wrists. “Top block set.” Using his strength he threw her up towards the highest set of shifting blocks. The slight change of gravity made it even easier for her to safely get there. Once he let go of her, he instantly turned around and shot at those trying to climb up. Seeing a chance to move, Marcus decided the best way was to cleverly climb up to a mid rage block set. He jumped from one block to the next slowly moving up in a feat that noted his physical ability. Every time his senses and intuition went off he changed how he climbed. A combo of flips, twirls and brute strength making him a difficult target to catch. When he landed on a block he liked he stood there arms open. “Are you that scared of me Garnett?” Marcus smiling as he took a giant step off the block he was on to one across the field. “I thought phasers was your specialty!” One of the blocks in the rooms shifted left and Marcus twirled behind it. When the block continued to move he was no longer there. It was questionable on how such a tall man was able to easily slip away into the darkness of shifting blocks. Marcus’ jests could be heard echoing in the chamber.

Sunsan and Wells arrived in the Andorian district. District ma.y have been the wrong word for it. It was more like a street. However, the street had excellent sea food. Wells nodded at the host who knew them and moved them to a booth in the back. Consideration for the obnoxious Romulan she had in tow. Very soon the waiter approached them. He was smiling widely. “Wells!” She nodded at him. “Maras.” Wells turning to Sunsan. “Does Andorian Ale and soup sound alright?” Sunsan sighed. “It will have to do since there is no Romulan Ale.” Maras didn’t even turn to look at him. He was just smiling at Wells. “Can you tell Rahras that the best fish of the day is required.” Maras nodded enthusiastically. “I will!” The two watching him run off. Sunsan turning to Wells. “There is another matter I must bring up.” Wells sighed. “I was waiting for you to get to it.” He looked over at the other inhabitants in the restaurant. Disdain on his face. “It is about Marcus.”


Andorian – Cultural Index

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