Episode 37 – The Game Pt. 3

Rao let out small yelp when something grabbed her mid step; relaxing when she saw her partner. Glancing at the moving block sets she barely had time to register before she was ascending through the air. A free hand shot out to grab the edges, securing her on the top whilst other hand began shooting off at opponents attempting to climb up reach her vantage point. The floor slowly began to rise, melding through the blocks to push the players closer to the ceiling. Zletka could hear Marcus’ booming jests though she had yet to catch him standing still for long enough to get a shot off. Garnett smirked at Marcus’ wisecracks. The guy was definitely fast- a feat considering his monumental size, but that thunderous voice was one thing he couldn’t escape. Whipping from around a black he fired only to find Marcus had already disappeared. Just then the floor reached him, beginning to push him up. Running across the floor he dodged behind the still moving blocks. His shots took out other players with stealthy precision while he searched out his friend. How in the hell was someone so large so hard to find?! Rao spotted Zletka and managed to get a hit. Zletka immediately looked up and began firing relentlessly so Rao was left with no choice but to lay flat on the block to wait for a lull. Zlekta offered her none. When the floor reached where Rao was, the block she was on shifted up pushing her through the floor and into the next level.

Heavy water fell from ceiling, splashing hard against her skin as it began to puddle on the floor. With a number of people beginning to get pushed through she swapped out her phaser for one with a pulsating sonic option. Pressing he back against the wall she began to slide herself over to the bars, soon climbing up. Garnett kept shooting at targets though his phaser while he was pushed through the ceiling to shoot those who were unlucky enough to be in his immediate vacinity. He could see Zletka already climbing the bars, taking people out to keep them from following after her. Finally he spotted Marcus. “Who’s scared of who? I’ve been waiting for you all day!” He laughed. With all successful players promoted to the next level, the water levels began to rise steadily. Garnett pushed through the water, doing his best to ignore the drag in order to reach the first set of bars. By the time he managed a firm grip the water was already up to his waist. A red light routinely illumated the room as gates were opened on either side allowing long black creatures to slither into the water. Garnett hustled in pulling himself up to safety. “Shit. I thought that was level three.”

Rao waited until she was well above the water to hook her legs and hang down. She could see Zletka and fired off a few shots. Zletka lowered herself, shooting off a few a Rao to cover herself. A stray shot managed to hit a man, sending him down into the water where he one of the creatures coiled around him to disappear below the surface. Garnett waited for a lull in the red light to scurry up the bars under the cover of darkness. When the room lit up in red he fired off a as a precaution. From below he could see Rao running across the bars and took his aim just as Zletka did.


B’Elanna Torres – Stand In The Rain

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