Episode 38 – The Game Pt. 4

When Marcus jumped down he had actually temporarily fell down to the block that was a decent bit below the previous one. However, he then immediately jumped back up not the block he was one but to the one that was moving right. He should off his incredible strength by hanging on to the edge, pushed against the side, with one hand. His other hand snipping the two players who happened to spot him. He could hear the sound of rain dripping above. It was the level he was the worst at. His frame too big to hide or swing from the bars. It was this level he was the most vulnerable. Knowing this, he decided to implement one of his back up plans. Marcus was at first not going to use it because he didn’t know the skill of those facing them. Now knowing everyone’s skills levels he had decided it would be fair and just. Sticking to the back right of the room, he jumped back and forth between the sides of moving blocks and the wall itself to leap towards the first row of bars. As soon as he got there, he knew he had to kneel at the top and cover himself for a bit, because of his size. It was then he spotted Rao, Garnett and Zletka. A scary smile appearing on his face. “Waiting for me, eh?” Marcus kept Garnett’s attention on him as he fired off endless shots. A few purposely hitting those around him trying to be ‘stealthy’. The game was meant to come down to their group and no one else. Them falling into the water did not matter. It was at this time, Marcus finally moved into action. “Here I come.” Taking a running jump from the bar at the wall, he was able t push his giant frame high enough to get directly from bars one to bars two. He ran from the right, briefly firing at Zletka so she had to dodge out of the from trying to shoot at Rao, and straight on top of Garnett’s position. He smiled. “I’m here.” Marcus kept his phasers down and shot at Garnett endlessly to distract him. In the middle of firing, he took a step back and fell down till he was below them on the first set of bars. Marcus smiling as he saw that he was now behind Zletka. He pushes odd the wall again and landed behind Zletka. Marcus firing off multiple shots at her. “Rao.” He shouted. He hoped she understood his intentions. Marcus jumping out of the way to grab on to the bar set farther away. Pulling himself up, he dodged a shot from those firing at him by rolling. While holding on to the sides of the bar he pushed up to grab on to the edge of the higher set of bars. Marcus’ large frame just hanging there. Practically, a scarecrow for everyone to fire on. One of his hands firing phasers at those trying to snipe him. A large smile on his face.
Nip hurried into the crowded pushed together building that was his brother’s store. It was located in the darkest corner of the Tenderloin. Many bounty hunters and black market dealers found their way around the area. Nip barging into the room as his brother was entertaining customers. “Brother guess what!” His brother looking up at him exasperated. As his Orion guests chuckled a bit. “Isn’t that little, Nip.” One of them said. The other nodded his head. “Who else would scurry like that.” His brother sighing. “Can’t you see I’m busy here. Whatever it is can wait a moment.” Nip shook his head. “Rule of Acquisition seventy four!” His brother looked at seriously. “Knowledge equals profit.” Nip nodded his head. “I have a huge scoop!” His brother walking towards him. “Rule of Acquisition 30, Confidentiality equals profit!” His brother sighed. “And Rule of Acquisition 53, never trust anybody taller than you. I remember telling you that.” Nip felt so frustrated with his brother. Doing these back and forths all the time. “But you also repeated to me Rule of Acquisition number 57!” His brother looked at him for a moment. “Did you say number 57?” Nip nodded his head eagerly. “YES. THAT 57!” His brother turned around to his Orion customers. “My apologies, Rule of Acquisition number 39, please excuse us for a moment.” One of the Orion males just laughed. “Sure, sure.” The other smiling. “Just bring back some more ale when you’re done, Grip.” Grip nodded and gestured for his brother to enter the back room with him. Once the door closed he smiled widely. “What piece of profit did she bring to us this time?” Nip looked a this brother. “I can’t tell you till you agree to the terms.” Grip sighed. “What are her terms this time?” Nip smiled. “The name of the cadet involved is left out, and 20% of all profit is her reward.” Grip crossed his arms. “She wants only 20% this time…” Nip nodded his head quickly. “It’s big, brother.” He turned to look at Nip. “And how much to do you want?” Nip smiled widely. “30%.” Grip looked shocked. “30% for being a messenger!” Nip nodded his head. “Rule of Acquisition number six, never allow family to stand in the way of profits.” His brother Grip sighing. “I taught you too well for some little Federation errand boy.” Nip smiling. “Take the deal.” Grip stuck out his hand. “Fine.” Nip shook it and smiled. “One of the cadets spotted a design flaw for the new star fleet ships.” Grip smiled. “A DESIGN FLAW!” Nip nodded his head. “The cadet apparently got called in by the Chief of Engineering over seeing it. Apparently, he wanted to know what exactly she meant by there being an issue with the structure and the nacelles.” Grip grabbed his brother by the shoulders. “This is will make a killing!” Nip nodded his head. “She’ll know later this week what the design flaw is.” Grip let go of his brother to skip a little in joy. “And until then we can profit just off of this.” Nip nodded his head. “Right!”

Wells looked at him for a moment. “Marcus?” Sunsan nodded. “Do you remember Cadet Lowell and his gang?” Maras appeared with their food. She smiled and thanked him. Wells taking a sip of her Andorian Ale. “I do. He has a bit of a reputation. I’m surprised you remember him.” He took a big gulp of his ale and sighed. “I didn’t until we ran into him at the pool.” She did not like where this was going. “And what exactly happened that jogged your memory?” Sunsan looked like he was scowling at his soup. “The ant went out of his way to harass and insult Marcus.” Wells slumped back into the booth. “What did you two do?” Sunsan took another sip of his soup. He would never admit he liked it. “Nothing comparatively.” She sat back up and took a large sip of her ale. “How many Academy rules did you break?” Sunsan calmly took a sip of ale. “I didn’t keep track.” Wells found herself pinching the bridge of her nose in irritation. “I want the full details and then you are coming with me to a cafe.” He looked at her shocked. “Why would we go to a cafe after this?” Wells glared at him. “Because I need to get into the Academy servers and see what exactly happened so I know how to get you two out of trouble when you undoubtedly get called in.” He nodded his head. “Fair.” Wells downed her ale. “This is why I don’t get any time off.”


Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

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