Episode 39 – The Game Pt. 5

Garnett watched as Zletka was caught off guard. A smile crept on his face. That was the wrong move. Zletka crouched down as the first shot hit sending a vaguely unpleasant pulse through her body. Her foot slipped on the bars sending her falling through the space. Her fingers pulled the trigger, attempting to hit him before she landed rather ungracefully on the set of bars below. For a moment she felt stunned, but the heavy drops of water helped snap her back to speed. Forcing herself upright she could see the water was mere feet from where she was. The creatures were beginning to dance closer to the surface with green scales breaking the surface. With her phaser lost to the water she grabbed the one attached to her leg, quickly ascending the nearest ladder. From below she could see Rao dispensing of a more opponents. Once Zletka was blocked by enough stragglers she began to shoot directly at Marcus, one shot right after another. Stepping onto another set of bars she kept her eyes on her target while taking shots from strangers, continuing her track. Using her free hand to take out another phaser she focused it on her competitors with only partial attention. Garnett moved to her level, dispensing of those who were attacking Zletka to join the creatures swimming below.

Rao used her moment of freedom to climb the ladder quickly, shooting down every few moments at whoever may be on her tail. Just as she reached a crevice in the wall someone popped up with clear intent to push her back into the water. Shifting her feet to the side she gripped the side rails to slide down several feet. The man reached down to shoot her; Rao moving so she was only hanging on one side. One of the shits hit a screw on the ladder causing the entire structure to jolt. Taking out a phaser, Rao shot back to soon feel another jolt. Her eyes widened as the ladder began to fall away from the wall and land with a crash on another set of bars. Dangling from the bars, she watched as the man was pulled forward and into the water.

“Holy shit!” Garnett’s voice rang through the room followed by his laughter. Zlekta turned from Marcus, aiming back at Rao. Meanwhile Garnett was making his way closer to Marcus.
Rao’s brows knit together. She began to swing her body back and forth, trying to work up enough momentum until she hooked her legs. Zletka could see how every hit she took made her spasm and didn’t let up. Rao forced herself to raise her phaser and shot a few times at Zlekta. The water was now just below her feet- something which had Zletka turn away to continue upwards to the next level. “Better get your partner Marcus!” Garnett grinned, taking Zletka’s hand to advance to the next level.

Pushing open the top latch they stepped out into a frozen wasteland. The ice beneath them shifted and cracked to reveal icy water below. Garnett pushed forward to a glacier before kneeling to give Zletka his knee to climb up. It was better to get the advantage now.


Ice Creature – Star Trek

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