Episode 4 – Two Faced

Wells found herself stretching her sore limbs on the gymnasium floor. Marcus could be painful to spar with. Capellans were a natural fighting society. It showed very clearly in him. She looked up to see Sunsan still sparring with him. His work ethic in tactics was to be admired. However, in xenolinguistucs… It was obvious which one he was better at. Wells stood up slowly.
“I’m going to hit the showers.”
Neither of the two would respond, but the tradition of notification was kept alive. Wells moving through the building blocks that insisted on staying later as well. The gymnasium showers although were shared in communal style had wonderful water pressure and temperature. It was quite relaxing. By the time she was changed into her star fleet uniform she was relaxed. Wells calmly heading back to her room.

Wells returned to her empty room. Her roommate Cadet Que, or affectionately dubbed by her Susie Que, was probably enjoying her social life with her friends in the medical track. She quickly changed into casual attire. Wells looking in the mirror. The black turtle neck with slightly longer sleeves was one of her favorite tops. The dark washed jeans a moment of the past that made her legs and butt look quite good. Grabbing a wallet pure she headed out to her dinner plans.

The light sound of jazz was playing in the background. Growing up her father had loved the blues, and in the stress of Star Fleet Academy it was a wonderful dinner location. Even if it was something they weren’t necessarily supposed to do. Wells quickly sliding into the red booth at the resteraunt. A glass of hot tea placed in front of her.
“The usual?”
She nodded her head at the waiter. A few moments later a nice bowl of stew and crackers was placed in front of her. Her eyes closed and she took in the smooth blues that was jazz.

The door opened late at night. Wells roommate grumbled from her bed without turning around. “Going out again? How many times is a goody two shoes like you going to do this?” It sounded like she was annoyed, but Wells knew she actually didn’t mind it much. There were times she also went out. However, hers was mostly with friends. Wells quickly changed into her pajamas and did her night routine. Slipping into her was like heaven. Her roommate turning around finally to look at her. “How do you do it?” Wells looked at her confused. “Do what?” Susie Que just staring at her. “Go out so late all the time and still function like you do the next day. Wells just pulled her blanket up to her neck. “It’s always going to be the same answer. I just do.” Susie Que sighed. “Are you sure you aren’t bio-organic?” Wells chuckled a bit. “How many times have you practiced on me? You practically memorized my entire system.” Susie Que simply yawned and turned around. “That’s true. But one day you could have done it without me knowing.” Wells picked up one of her pillows and just threw it at her roommate. “Go back to bed, sleepy head.” Susie Que threw the pillow back. “Go to bed, bio-organic.”


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