Episode 40 – The Game Pt. 6

Marcus had managed to avoid Zletka’s initial return fire. He even managed to hide himself by throwing other players from Garnett’s attention. However, the second he turned his eyes towards Rao he could feel the shots from Zletka’s phasers in his core. He ignored the mental note appearing in his mind to elevate her combat status and with a running start he jumped from the top of the level all the way down to bars slowly being sunk into the water. One last phaser shot from Zletka reverberating through his body. “Hold on. This will be a bit rough.” Marcus picking up Rao in a maiden carry, running across the submerged bars and jumping off just as the creatures were about to reach their legs. He quickly used his strength to get to the top of the level. Marcus looking down at Rao. “Stay in my arms, don’t move until I say so.” Taking a deep breath, he lunged not just up, but forward. Purposely taking the brunt of the fall on his side, Marcus used the momentum to roll as far as he could across the icy pond. He immediately transitioned from role to run and took off across the remaining ice. Ignoring the cracking ice below him and dodging as many phasers as he could. Focusing on protecting Rao from them and the elements. When he reached the icy blocks that reached the level above them he crouched down and put his hands together. Marcus throwing her up into the air onto one of the higher blocks. Ignoring the sting in his back from being hit, he quickly climbed to her block and picked her up again. The two being the first to skip ahead to the next level. Marcus sighing in relief when he saw the familiar and warm level. He moved quickly up the rocky mountain climb that, dodged the random jets of fire to get Rao to straight to the top level, by the ring of fire. They couldn’t go up higher or proceed until the fire from there started to over fill and she needed to warm up so she could grab onto one of the rock hand helds on the wall.

Wells walked into the cafe with Sunsan. The very adorable waitress from last night was on the afternoon shift. She smiled when she saw her. “Wells!” With a nod in her direction she quickly headed to her booth and turned to portal to her. The waitress running up with a smile. “What can I get you two?” Wells sighed. “Get him a glass of altair water and me a cup of coffee, black.” She nodded her head and smiled. “Hey, Wells.” Wells turned to look at her. “Yes?” She leaned closer. “This isn’t the vulcan you came with last night.” At the mention of Vulcan, Sunsan tuned into the conversation. “Did you say Vulcan?” She turned around and nodded her head. “Yep. He was SUPER handsome too.” Sunsan seemed absolutely irked. “You prefer THAT THING over me?” The waitress seemed to think about it for a moment and then shook her head. “Yea. You aren’t my type.” She turned back to Wells. “Do you think he’ll call me?” Wells shook her head. “I don’t think so.” The waitress frowned. “Phooey. Alright, I’ll just go get your drinks.” She ran off to the kitchen. Sunsan glaring at Wells. “To think you took me to the same place as THAT vulcan.” Wells rolled her eyes. “What does it matter…” Sunsan leaned forward. “It matters!” She looked up and flicked his forehead. “It won’t matter till you stop getting in trouble and you need me to save your ass.” Wells turning the portal to him to reveal security footage. “IS that what you are referring too.” Sunsan looked at her annoyed. “THIS IS HOW YOU ARE GETTING YOUR INFORMATION.”

Susie Que was in a designer boutique when she bumped into a few friends from the academy. “Hey, Que!” She turned to see Nataly, Shrike and Gra’an. Susie Que waving her hands. “Hey.” Nataly running up to grab her hands all excited. “We were just about to go ice skating. You should join us!” Shrike shook his head and put his hand on Nataly’s shoulder. “Nat, she may be busy. It seems like she has plans.” Susie Que shook her head. “Actually, I don’t.” Gra’an smiled widely. Her pearly white, blue gumbed self truly shaking in excitement. “Then you are coming with us. It’s settled.” Susie Que thought about it for a moment. Well… it be would be a great distraction. She nodded her head. “Sure!”


Star Trek Volcano Scene

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