Episode 41 – The Game Pt. 7

The ladder jolted under Marcus’ weight with Rao crumpling to her knees in an attempt to keep from slipping . “Wha-?” Locking her arms around his neck she braced herself for, her eyes peeled on the figures below. A breath escaped her that she hadn’t realized she’d been holding. Another day without getting caught in those creatures slimy holds was another day perfectly lived in her book. “Got it.” The words had barely left her when she felt him lunge. There was no time to react. One moment they were in the air, then her back felt a icy shiver run up her spine, then they were running.

Zletka and Garnett had maintained a height advantage for the most of the level until their competitors joined forces in an attempt to pick them off. Garnett was focused on taking out as many as possible; even resorting to shoot at the ice beneath them. He smirked when a few fell into the icy water below. “Cover me.” Garnett called before sliding down side of the glacier to take an aggressive approach. Zletka held fast to her position until she a large figure dashing across the water caught her attention. After one more shot over Garnett she turned, taking aim at the Capellan’s feet to break the ice. “Zletka!” Garnett’s voice didn’t break her concentration. “Zletka!!” The Betazoid finally turned to see Garnett waving her down. “Marcus is moving to the next level.” She projected loud enough for him to ear. “Oh shit. On it!” Garnett went off ahead to leave Zletka a solitary descent to the ice. Well- it was solitary until she was spotted. Garnett slid out onto the main sheet of ice in time to see Marcus helping Rao up. He immediately took a a few shots.

Rao basked in the heat of the flames; fingers holding her chest in poor attempt to settle herself. It did little to help though leaving her to bounce up and down ever so slightly on the toes as her body tried to expel pent of adrenaline. “That was a close one.” She smiled, ignoring a shiver that ran through her. “You’re also much more fit that I expected.” The words were so breathless she surprised even herself. Her eyes suddenly lit up with inspiration. Some tweaks to add to a side project… Looking down below she could hear the yells of people trying to take each other out. “Garnett’s pissed.” She smirked. “Good. He’s such a- Oooh.” A shot managed to hit dead center in her chest. She rubbed the spot, laughing a bit at the reverberating sting.

Garnett glanced over when he heard Rao’s voice echoing. He couldn’t help but smile as Zletka lowered her phaser. “God I love it when you get like this.” The two took turns covering each other to ascend the mountainous terrain. Garnett spotted one of the pipes fueling the fire and took a shot, immediately focusing on the climb as the fire began to flash up below.


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