Episode 42 – The Game Pt. 8

Marcus wished he reminded her not to get cocky. There wasn’t room for that on the battle field. Sadly, he had been too busy snipping the players scurrying up to the level to mention it. He could see the betazoid point her phaser at Rao and get a perfect shot. Her aim may be better than Garnett’s. A large smile appeared on his face. The reason why he had chosen to rush up to this level was for more then just Rao needing to warm up. It had some tricks to it. He turned his phaser towards the walls. Within some of the hand helds were sensor buttons to change the directions of the flames and where they came from. Marcus rolling and dodging from the top as he constantly reaimed the jets of fire at the players climbing up. When the majority of them were about half way up he turned to Rao. “I’m going to release the magma. Hold on.” He watched her make her way over to one of the handles on the wall. Marcus turning his phaser to the hidden early release switch and firing. The entire floor rumbled. Tiny rocks began to fall down the path, knocking a few players down. Then fire erupted from the top of the level and magma began to run down from the top towards the pathway. Marcus running to get to a handheld. As soon as his hands grabbed it he could feel a sting on his back. Marcus losing his grip and falling for a moment. Luckily, his hands caught on to another hand held and he didn’t fall into the magma. He began to hurridely climb back up towards Rao. When he got to her he shouted. “Hold on to my chest.” Marcus wanted her to hold on to him like a spider monkey, so they could clear the next water level easier. There was barely any gravity and swimming through it was difficult. This way they would move faster and not be separated. AND… Marcus would be the one they would hit. Rao was better with a phaser than him anyways.


Star Trek SNL

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