Episode 43 – The Game Pt. 9

Garnett’s head snapped in Zletka’s direction the moment the floor began to rumble. Not bothering to wait; he darted across, slamming into Zlekta to send them far off the pathway. As they collided with jagged rock, the ridge began to crumble away with Zletka being the first to go. With one hand gripping the rock, Garnett took hold of Zletka to press her tight against him. For a moment the two merely caught there breath while facing away from the hot magma sliding past a mere few feet away. “You know the plan for the next level, right?” Garnett muttered. He winced when a shot hit his back; for a moment his body tensed before he forced it to relax.

With the magma in full effect, Rao watched most of their competitors fall away with lucky and crafty managing to cling to the mountains. Rao began to pick them off immediately, only stopping when Marcus fell. Snapping back she focused on the areas where rogue phaser beams were shooting from until they finally ceased. A competitor could only take so many hits before they were taken out of the game depending on their species and with the phasers impact intensifying each level…it was about to get interesting. She didn’t bother asking questions as she latched onto him. Holding herself up a bit so she could see over his shoulder while ditching her small phaser for one with more…oomf. The less people who made it past the next level- the better.

By the time Zeltka and Garnett climbed up to the top level and pushed through to the next stage the promise of cool water was welcomed. Gripping the edge of the entrance, the two launched themselves off the floor and into the dark, water infested room. Each large luminescent glob of water managed to engulf them as she pushed through it. Garnett took out his phaser to break up the orbs in his way while keeping as big an eye out as possible for the seven foot man floating around. Zletka opted to attempt to swim through the water as it reformed into undistinguishable blobs. The few who also managed to make it to the fifth level were met with harsh phaser fire.

Rao waited until her friends were lost in focus to begin shooting at them. The goal was simple. Slow everyone down as much as possible to Marcus could move them along.


Entering The Volcano

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