Episode 44 – Pt. 10

Marcus didn’t even pay attention t0 those around him. He had one simple goal: use his tremendous strength and absurd height to quickly move through the difficult terrain. They had to use the advantage of being the first on the difficult level to prepare a good vantage point for the even more difficult level. The final level was the other level that was his weakest. Marcus was basically a walking target board. It would depend on how well the two of them worked together. They seemed to be working very well so far, so he wasn’t as concerned as he was in the beginning. Marcus found himself less worried about embarrassing himself in front of the girl he liked. The first phaser hit of the level a penetrating sting in his arm. It seem to spread to his entire upper body. If he wasn’t his species then he may have lost the use of his arm. Marcus used it as motivation for clearing the level. He spotted the end of the water level. As the awkward bubble wall was hard to miss even in the darkness. Marcus pushing through the hard to penetrate wall and into the final level. He sighed for a moment. “I’ll be a floating target this level. Push off of me and get to a good vantage point now. I’ll be much slower then most, and you’re a better shot.”

Susie Que arrived with her friends at the ice rink. Nataly was excitedly chatting away with Gra’an. Shrike seemed a little tired. There was always the weariness of being the third wheel. Susie Que could understand it in a way…except she was a fourth wheel. “Cheer up.” She said quietly to him. Shrike flashing a small smile. “They seem to never leave their honeymoon phase.” Susie Que sighed. “I know what you mean…” He looked at her confused. “Sunsan and Wells, huh?” She laughed for a moment. “Nah, I doubt that will every come to more than tension.” Shrike looking even more confused. “Then….” Susie Que looked absolutely miserable. “Marcus is dating Rao.” He looked completely shocked. “Wait..WHAT!” At his sudden loud outburst the two in the pink atmosphere turned around. Nataly speaking up first. “What’s going on?” Shrike let loose the gossip. “Marcus is dating Rao.” The two looked completely shocked. Gra’an speaking next. “I wasn’t aware she was the sort to date.” Susie Que frowned. “Neither was I.” Nataly smiled softly at her. “So the rumors about you liking Marcus were true.” She nodded her head. “Yea.” Gra’an pushed Shrike forward. “Just take Shrike as your mate. He has decent qualities.” He looked at her in mock offense. “Decent.” Nataly shaking her head. “I mean there was that one time with-” Shrike quickly covered her mouth so she couldn’t talk. Susie Que smiled. “Oh, yea. We all heard about that.” Shrike pulled his hands away to pout. “The world is so cruel.” All three of them rolling their eyes to go rent skates.

Sunsan and Wells were walking back to the academy in silence when he spoke up. “My parents are planning a dinner.” She didn’t even turn to look at him. “And?” Sunsan sighed. “They are insisting I bring Marcus and you as a display of good relations.” She wanted to groan out loud, but instead she stifled it internally. “How long do you intend to rely on us two. Isn’t it about time you bring others?” Sunsan looked at her in disdain. “Like that moronic roommate of yous?” Wells shook her head no. “That would be a dumb idea even if desperate.” His eyes narrowed. “Surely, you are not suggesting for me to bring a VULCAN.” Wells stopped walking. A smirk decorating her face. “Surely, you should not be bothered by one Vulcan.” He turned his head on her. “I will not allow such a creature to attend our dinner parties.” An evil smile appeared on her face. “Then why not invite Rao? She is Marcus’ mate.” Sunsan shuddered at the idea. “It is temporary I assure you.” Wells cracked up laughing. “You’re the one who needs to increase the body count.” He made a small tsk sound. “Then the betazoid is coming as well. She will serve as an adequate distraction.” Wells wanted to burst out laughing. Sunsan’s protective nature of Marcus was too hysterical to ignore. “You may as well invite the tactical friend, Garnett, then.” Sunsan groaned. “To think I have to invite three insignificant creatures to my dinner party.” She smiled for a moment and then continued walking. “You mean to say your parents dinner party.”

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