Episode 45 – The Game Pt. 11

“Don’t worry. I have a plan for this.” Rao released her legs from around his waist to scale down his body until she could firmly lock a leg around one of his. Using him as an anchor she aimed her phaser at the area where they’d first emerged. After two years of playing this game she was finally going to get to test out a theory she’d been toying with for ages. There was no where to advance on this level. It was simply a matter of how many hits your suit could take before you were taken out of the game. Thankfully, she had the best shield in a game- a Capellan male. Right on cue the first player began to enter the level and she took a shot immediately to see them get blasted back into the prior level. “Bullseye.”

“That girl’s blasting us back!” An irritated voice cursed as a dim red light flashed on their collar before they were bought down to the ground of the fifth level. Garnett watched the ground underneath the player move until they were out of the site. The large crowd at the beginning of the game had now dwindled to a mere seven left to take out. While he fired at the cornered individuals he could seee Zletka following suit. Their victims only had two choices: either they could attempt to pass onto the next level where they were clearly under fire or attempt to fire back at himself and Zletka who were mercilessly showering them with fire. Four manged to slip onto the next level, but the remaining three were taken out. Holding out his arm he took Zletka’s hand to pull her through to the final level.

Rao was facing off two remaing challengers when Garnett and Zletka arrived. Garnett and Zlekta focused on the two strangers from behind until it was just the four of them left. “Hey Marcus! How’s it hanging?” Garnett chuckled at his own joke. Zletka shook her head, but didn’t attempt to hide her smile. Without a second thought, Zletka aimed at Rao before quickly shifting to fire off at Marcus. Rao fired at Zletka meanwhile Garnett fired at Rao. Both Rao and Zletka’s faces scrunched painfully, but Rao used her leverage on Marcus to pull the trigger again and sent Zeltka floating backwards.

Garnett pushed Zletka to the side with one arm and used his other to fire off another shot. When he felt a phaser make contact with his stomach Garnett sunk down to the floor to avoid the next shot. Rao used their distractions to pushed off Marcus and aim for the shadows.


Star Trek Zero Gravity Scene

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