Episode 46 – The Game Pt. 12

Marcus felt surprised at how direct Rao was being about combat. However, if she had a plan it was best to trust her and follow it. Since she had done the same thing for him. He followed her lead and fired down at the other players. Marcus realizing he was basically just acting as a massive distraction, since she was a much better shot than him. If only they were using knives instead….
When it got done to just the four of them, Marcus wanted to push off a wall with his back to them, so Rao wouldn’t take hits and could just fire, but she seemed to have other plans. He watched for a moment as she pushed off. Garnett’s jest registering to him late. He smiled widely at him. “You know I do everything well.” Marcus allowing his body to drift towards a wall. He caught Zletka being pushed to the side. Marcus not wanting to physical go after Rao’s roommate this early in the relationship, so he turned his attention back to Garnett who was resting on the floor. An evil smirk on his face. Garnett may be better with a phaser, but in all of their spars the result was 123 : 278 in his favor. Marcus got a steady grip on the side of the wall and fired off a few shots at Zletka as if he was planning to cover Rao. Then he pushed off with his full strength against the wall directly at Garnett. His phasers firing constantly at Marcus. When he landed on the ground he immediately started to spar him. Marcus knowing that even in this gravity he just needed to use his endurance to an advantage and his strength. Once Marcus got his hands on Garnett it was over. Marcus used the gravity to pull him up, gritted his teeth through the pain of phaser fire and threw Marcus down. A heel kick for extra good measure to put him down. He floated to grip on to a wall and pant. Not only was he tired and in pain Marcus was pretty sure other than floating he couldn’t do much more. Marcus’ eyes looking up at Rao. “You can do it.” He said encouragingly. Worst case scenario he’ll take that one more hit as a shield so she can finish the betazoid, but that was worse case scenario. He was tired. Marcus couldn’t understand why he had taken so many hits this game.

Sandium had just come from a luncheon with some Federation official when his aid Etes came walking towards him with an eagerness in his step. He looked at his aid with the stereotypical Romulan straight face. “Is there news from Romulus?” Etes shook his head and showed him a data pad. “Details regarding the new Star Fleet ships have been sent over.” He took the data pad from his aid. Sandium’s eyes running over the information. A smile on his face. “Structural issues.” Etes nodded. “The details of the report will be ready in a week.” He nodded his head and handed the data pad back to his aid. “I’m fortunate to have you working under me Etes.” Etes smiled and nodded his head. “I am glad to live up to such expectations.” Sandium beginning to walk towards his next engagement. Some lunch with the Andorian ambassador.


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